Saturday, October 19, 2019

Junk wax? More like HUNK wax!

Sorry for that post title, I just thought it was funny.

Today's post features the overproduction era cards I scored in the dimebox dig last weekend.

Nice smiles on this pair of Jimmy Dean cards.

That Ron Gant rookie was among my most cherished cards in my early days of collecting.
Cool to hear Randy Johnson get namechecked in a recent Letterkenny episode.

Surprised to find that Michael Jordan "SP1" for just 10¢. That was a very hot card for a while in the early 90s. Still today, looks like the cheapest one on COMC is $2.70. (I think I've got like 4 of them at this point [one I pulled myself back in the day, plus 3 I picked up at card shows because they were too cheap to pass up], so if anyone wants to trade for one, just let me know.)

1993 Topps Black Gold cards are great to find in dimeboxes.

Royals royalty here, with Brett and Bo.

Rickey in the house.

More dime cards for my stack.

Do those 2 oddballs on the bottom look small and shriveled to you? 😉 Sorry, dumb joke.

Note to self: Add "building a full set of 1992 Leaf Black Gold parallels" to my collecting to-do list. These cards are masterpieces! I'm kind of having an epiphany while typing up this post. I already love the 1993 Topps Black Gold inserts, so makes sense that I'd also be a big fan of the Black Gold cards that preceded them. Why have I denied my heart for so long? So yes, let this be my official announcement of the intention to collect a complete set of 1992 Leaf Black Gold!

That's it for now. Next post of these will likely cover late 90s through early 00s.


  1. I've said it before--Leaf's Black Gold should have been the regular base version. I hope you do build that and show it off! Love the Bo and Rickey stuff too.

  2. Slightly embarrassed to admit I laughed at your dumb joke. Awesome finding that Jordan in the dime box - I could use one myself. I should have some Leaf Black Gold for you . . .

  3. I remember when that Jordan was listed for like 20 bucks in Beckett. Can't believe you found it in a dime box. Also glad you found some more Topps Black Gold cards. I'm pretty close to completing the player set (apart from the winner and redeemed cards). I'll definitely keep my eye out for them.

  4. That Jordan was the card to have that year. Hard to see it in a dime box!

  5. That Jordan card is awesome! I remember putting at least one of my copies in a screwdown (the kind with one screw in each corner) back in the day.