Saturday, June 9, 2018

(Late Nite Bonus Post: Deleted Scenes)

Here are some cards from the card show today that weren't quite cool enough to get into the main post for my June 2018 card show haul.  So act like this is a DVD and you've just clicked on the deleted scenes. More 72¢ cards for me.

Oh yeah.. Reggie /199. Buxton PWS relic. Rocket /350.

Shiny: Koufax, Meadows, Baez mini

More shiny, rookies.

Bill had a bunch of Giants IP autos. I picked out a couple good ones. Padres legend Dave Roberts and A's legend Barry Zito.

Check it out, Brian.. Kennys variant and non-variant as a 2-for-1 in the same penny sleeve.

Chrome 4-pack. Couple Pads, negative Urias, and Devers. Good stuff here.

Closing with a Pedro "bobble head" /2000, Maddux Bazooka temp tattoo, Giancarlo tarot, and Pujols Ginter back.

Sold pickups!


  1. The tarots are some of the coolest cards of the year.

  2. I'm a big fan of 'bonus features'. Love the Rendon and Wil Myers!

  3. Collectors must not be thinking too much of Julio Urias, because I found that same refractor at a show for a quarter.

  4. I didn't even recognize Maddux on that tattoo. Also never seen the tarot card before. I usually have no interest in them, but that is a pretty nice design.

  5. Nice shiny Meadows! He's cooled off the past 10 games or so... but dang that kid is fun to watch.