Sunday, June 24, 2018

quick trade roundup and other rambling

Got a couple PWEs in the mail this past week.

First up are a few cards from GCA.

Always love getting a new Rod Beck card! Pretty cool one. I visited the Golden Gate Bridge once when I was a kid.

A trio for the Kris Bryant PC.

A couple Sox I collect.

Nice! I had this card in my ongoing '78 Topps setbuild, but happy to score another one for my Tim Blackwell PC.

Thanks a lot, GCA! I'll continue keeping an eye out for cards for ya.

-    -   -  - --o

And now here's a surprise PWE from friend of the blog mr. haverkamp.

Some appreciated needs toward my '84/'85 Donruss setbuilds, with a couple HOFers and an MVP. The "Jeff" Pendleton error is more common than the Terry correction. While I'll consider my set complete without the corrected variation, I wouldn't mind snagging one someday.

This seems to be the card that was the catalyst for the mailing, as mr. haverkamp is a Danny Gladden supercollector, and he noticed I threw this '91 UD card onto my Desperate Double Dozen recently. It's for inclusion in my Thumbs Up minicollection I'm just starting.

Big thanks for the generosity, man! I definitely owe you cards at this point, as this is probably the 3rd or 4th "unanswered" PWE from you, so please let me know if I can return the favor (perhaps some Gladden customs or something?)

- - - ---o

Padding out the post with some non-card miscellany. (If you follow me on Twitter, some of this may be a repeat for you.)

Earlier this month I tackled the project of trimming down a massive bush that had pretty much taken over our front yard. (Yes, my wife took the first picture; not my nails, LOL) I think it was my first experience with a chainsaw, and I'm happy to report all my limbs and digits are still intact! Funny thing is we kinda miss the shade now that it's gone. But the stump bit remaining is already growing back strong (we didn't want to 100% kill it, just get it under control). So I'm sure it'll be back to a reasonable size soon, and then we'll just have to remember to trim it down once in a while so it doesn't go nuts again.

Also pruned some flowers out front that gave us a nice bouquet for a day or two till it withered.

Coming home from work the other day, I saw not one, but TWO bunnies in the front yard of our neighbor on the corner. I'm not sure how these wild rabbits are thriving in this busy city area, but as long as they don't munch up our garden, I'm happy to see these cuties hop around when I can.

Here's Annie ready to protect our garden from any fluffy intruders.

I often doodle on our Tupperware lids to differentiate them from similar containers in the work fridge. Crow is the latest one I've done, just whipped up yesterday, which inspired me to take a pic of a few of them. Nobody at work would dare mess with Satan. And I'm sure I've confused people with "Warning: Contents may be sardonic". I'm an odd guy, what can I say.

Here's the tracklist for a Valentine's Day mix cdr my special gal made me several years ago when we were still in our long-distance courtship. I've been recently ripping all my discs to mp3 (this is a big project begun many months ago that I'm still finishing up). I got a kick out of her including the Mike Piazza song, even if she did misspell it Pizza. :) Hey, she's not a baseball fan, so you gotta give her a break.

We celebrated 4 years of marriage last week (my blogging anniversary is right before, so it works as a nice reminder, haha). We checked out Solo (both liked it) and had a nice dinner at a place near the theater afterwards. Nothing fancy, but a fun evening out.

She's out in Canada for the weekend now, so I had some "me time" to work on a couple new customs and put together a couple trade packages. Also watched Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok. I'm not a big superhero movie fan (nor is my wife, which is why I watched them while she's gone), but I thought they were decent. Best thing I've watched lately is The Strange Name Movie, which is a 52 minute documentary streaming on Netflix right now. I'd recommend it if you like amusing names, which it seems most of us card collectors do. (Sadly, baseball dudes such as Dick Pole, Rusty Kuntz, and Pete LaCock were not featured, lol.. but still worth your hour.)

Thanks for stopping by, everybody, and all the best to you in the coming week.


  1. "I saw not one, but TWO bunnies in the front yard of our neighbor on the corner"

    As a bunny person I am extremely jealous.

  2. Love me some yard work... it's very satisfying!
    Saw Thor the other day and took a pass on Black Panther, but I may have to rethink that now.

  3. Happy (marriage) anniversary! I like your wife's mixtape choices, especially the Cat Power tune.

  4. I can't remember the last time I went to the movies. I think it was to see the Dark Knight trilogy. It's not because I don't want to, finding time is the problem.

    Happy anniversary by the way.

    I need to clean off brush from a small bank near my house but was visited by a baby skunk tonight so that may have to wait

  5. I liked Solo too. Wasn't expecting to, but such a big Star Wars fan I had to watch it anyway, and I'm glad I did. They marketed that film so poorly its no wonder casual fans stayed away. The actor playing Han was much better than you would think from the commercials.

  6. Happy anniversary! Anytime you can celebrate an anniversary by going to a Star Wars film, you know you've got a keeper.

  7. I still need that damn corrected Terry Pendleton card.

    I've only seen wild urban bunnies a couple of times in my life. Lots of raccoons out here, though.

  8. I just got a bunch of '84 Donruss and some '85s as well. I'll have to see if there are any you need and get back to you.

  9. Thanks for your kind words about “The Strange Name Movie”. We missed some of the names you mentioned, but we did have Dusty Rhodes in there. :-) I like your blog. Well done.