Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Superfractor Supercollection

Boom! I was excited to see the 2014 Bowman Draft Gavin LaValley superfractor pop up for auction last week. I put in a healthy bid and ended up winning it for surprisingly less than I was expecting. This is a card I've rainbowed pretty hard the past few years, with nothing left to chase but a frustrating number of 1/1s. So yeah, this is an awesome card to highlight not only the rainbow, but my LaValley PC as a whole.

Plus now I can do this...

There are currently 3 superfractors of Gavin LaValley in existence, and I've got all of 'em. Nice!
2014 Bowman Draft, 2014 Bowman Chrome Mini, and 2018 Bowman.
Seeing them side-by-side emphases how unimpressive 2018 superfractors look compared to how bright and shiny the 2014 versions are, especially in hand. The '14 cards have a nice "spinning wheels" effect, while '18 just sits there.

Signs point to LaValley being included in 2018 Bowman Chrome (the separate product, not to be confused with the Chrome segment included in 2018 Bowman [Regular]), due out in September. And perhaps 2018 Bowman Chrome Mini, assuming that's still a thing (factory set). So my LaValley superfractor supercollection won't likely stay complete for long, but I'll enjoy the supercompleteness for the next several weeks, at least.

The only other superfractor I own is Brian Humphries (Guy From Granite). The first three I bought set me back a decent chunk of change, while the latest was only about a third of what I was used to paying. Maybe it's because LaValley has been hovering around the Mendoza line most of 2018 in AA. Hopefully he turns his season around.

But still, very happy with the pickup. It's a pain there are so many 1/1s left out there before I can officially complete the rainbow for 2014 Bowman Draft + Mini:
o Topps Vault First Edition blank back 1/1
o Orange paper 1/1
o Black paper 1/1
o White Ice 1/1
Plus several printing plates.

I'm not hitting his 2018 Bowman rainbow nearly as hard, but still keep an eye out for good deals, such as a few parallels that were being sold together in a lot. Always love atomic and shimmer refractors.

Also snagged the magenta paper printing plate.

That brings me up to 3 magenta plates for LaValley.

But yellow is still on top..

..with 4 plates!

I've only got 1 cyan plate.. and surprisingly zero black plates. But I'll keep an eye out.

Since I'm showing off all my LaValley 1/1s in this post, let's go ahead and revisit his 2014 Panini Prizim Draft auto Black Finite Prizm (that set's version of a superfractor). Nice looking card I scored a couple years ago.

And let's wrap up this post with another look at the "1st Bowman" superfractor. Terrific addition to what's probably my most impressive player collection. Now he just needs to turn into the next Mike Trout and I'll be set for life! LOL, nah, he's a fun dude for me to collect, without worrying about any "investment" stuff. But I'm hoping for the best for him in his career.

Thanks for swinging by.


  1. Eeeyyyy, congrats on the new superfractor! Seeing those three side by side is amazing.

  2. Nice work, Gavin! That must’ve felt great winning the last one, congrats!

  3. Dude. That's amazing. I only own one super and I am lucky for that lol

  4. You are now King of Gavin LaValley collectors. Congrats on finding and securing the last piece. Very impressive for sure!

  5. Wow, those do really look sharp next to each other. Congrats on being the most comprehensive Gavin LaValley collector out there!

  6. That's quite an impressive SuperFractor collection!! I agree, the 2014s are nicer than the 2018s. The only Superfractor I've ever owned was from '14 (it was Matt Railey.)

  7. Owning one superfractor is impressive. Owning three is insane. Congratulations!