Saturday, September 14, 2019

Card Show Contusion

The monthly Portland card show rolled around today. Honestly, I was mostly just excited to meet up with Padrographs Rod because I knew he had some cards for me, including 1991 MusiCards needs (the main set I've been obsessing over lately). So anything I bought at the show would be gravy. But turns out I picked up a bunch of good stuff.

I'm starting to feel a little swamped in cardboard, so this post will be a less exhaustive look at my haul compared to most card show recaps I've done where I show off nearly every card I got over a few posts. No, this will just hit the best stuff all in one post.

My biggest purchase of the day was a big lot of vintage. Spent $100 on this, getting the guy to throw in the bag of '58 Topps.. which I'm not working on, but figured it could be solid trade fodder. And yes, that's a real card taped to the '72 box.. ouch! Thankfully, I was able to remove the tape from it without any damage and add it to its brothers in the box.

I already have a bit over half of 1972 Topps, and there's probably over half a set here, so after the dust settles, I'm hoping this lot gets me approaching 90%. I didn't flip through the box too much before I bought it, but I saw plenty of high numbers, which was all I needed to see. Prior to this I had zero cards in the 700s, and this lot will help me get a foothold up there. There are also lots of dupes, so let me know if you're working on this set.

Probably about 200 cards in the 1970 Topps lot. Again, lots of high numbers made this an easy purchase for me. Hell, the Oscar Gamble rookie alone was almost worth the price of the box ($20+ on COMC). I only have 12.43% of the set prior to this, so there shouldn't be too many dupes for me in here.

Dimebox! Nearly bought a whole box but the guy wanted a bit more than I wanted to pay to be saddled with a bunch of football/basketball that would be useless to me, so I settled for $5 worth of stuff I picked out.

#Prospecting. Acuña here and the rest of the cards from this point on all ran me 50¢ each.

Weird Griffey things.

Betts refractor.

Pretty legit Nolan Ryan lot right here.

I won't pass up a '91 Desert Shield for 50¢. You could do worse than Mickey Morandini.

More cards.

A couple nice minis.

Let's close it out with this impressive trio. Brock Holt auto (the only player in MLB history to hit for the cycle in the postseason), Kris Bryant /99, and Reggie Sanders (Padres!) Pacific /67.

Thanks for reading. I'll cover the stuff from Rod in another post, but this wraps up the highlights from my card show haul.


  1. Awesome cards you got there. If you have an extra Stargell 72 I could use one.

  2. Amazing haul! I am building the 72 set, (70 too, but nearly done with that one (I think). Love everything I see above.

  3. Great pick ups! I am working on the 72 set, need mostly high numbers. My want list is here:

  4. Cool Vlad! I really liked that insert line

  5. Okay, how did you remove the tape from that 1972 card without damaging it?

    Also, great vintage haul! What a fun way to get closer to completing a couple of 1970s sets.

    1. Yeah, that's what I was wanting to know. It looks like packing tape and that stuff can be the worst.
      The vintage is great, but I really like the looks of that dime box. Sounds like a fun day!

    2. The key is peeling the tape off verrrrry slowwwwwly.

  6. Boxes like that are a great way to start a set. I'd love to find something like that.

  7. Wow. Sweet card show haul. That box of 72T with high numbers is quite the find! Love those Kellogg's Nolan Ryans too!

  8. Awesome pickups! Looks like a couple of folks are ahead of me, but if you have anything I need let me know - thanks!

  9. Congrats on the vintage deals! From your description, it sounds like both of those boxes were priced really well, and probably would've been nearly impossible to pass up. The fifty cent Desert Shield is really great too, I've only seen one of those one time at a show, and that one was pulled from a dime box by someone who was further down the line than I was.

  10. I don't know that I've ever seen a Desert Shield card at a show before. I own exactly one (Bert Blyleven), and I got that off COMC. Great haul!