Monday, September 30, 2019

Incoming cards from Wes and Bru

I've had a couple semi-surprise trade packages show up recently.

First up is a stack from the Pancake King, the former JBF. Good to see Wes still out there spreading the cardboard love even after stepping away from blogging.

I love seeing Winfield in the brown and gold.

A couple hits here, with an Xavier Nady certified auto and a printing plate of Sean Thompson from 2007 Bowman.

A bunch of Padres parallels here. The Huston Street black refractor is #'d /10. Pretty sweet.

Striking gold here, with a Gavin crashing the Padre party.

And finally a couple football cards and the Pancake King's calling card.

Thanks, Wes! Good stuff. I plan to work on those customs for you soon, plus I have a Willinghammer or two set aside for you.

 - - - ---o

Next up is a package from Bru from the Remember The Astrodome blog that's now become

Looks like Bru was able to take a chunk out of my '88 Fleer wantlist, including a couple HOFers.

Also a need for my nearly-complete '88 Topps set, plus some early 90s Padres.

And some recent Padres. Pretty sure that Goose is my first 2019 Archives card (well.. and the Urias coin is from '19 Archives, too.)

Thanks, Bru! I'll continue keeping an eye out for interesting Astros to send your way.