Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Doug and GCA trade packages

In the past few days I've gotten quality trade packages from Doug in Canada and GCA.

First up are the Sportscards From The Dollar Store:

Some great additions to my Tatis Jr PC! He sure did give Padres fans something to be excited about this year, though he had a hard time staying on the field. Hopefully his injury issues this season were just a fluke and he comes back strong in 2020.

A few more interesting Pads from Panini. I believe the Urias is #/50.

Some more young Padres. Chris Paddack had an impressive rookie year for San Diego.

We close out this package from the great white north with a selection of 2019 Heritage High Number Padres and a Kevin Kouzmanoff auto.

Thanks, Doug! Great stuff. I'm putting together a nice return for you.

 -   - - - -o

Now here's some stuff from GCA.

A couple numbered Andre Dawson cards, plus Pops and Bird.. very nice.

Big-name needs for my 1974 setbuild! Chugging along there.

But the bulk of Greg's package was a big lot of Pedro Martinez.

So many Pedros!! I think this gets him up into the Hundred Card Club and off my main wantlist.

Thanks a lot, GCA! I always seem to be trying to catch up returning the favor for all the great cards you send my way, but I hope to balance the scales soon!


  1. I'm still loving Chronicles and especially Leather & Lumber, and Doug's haul is excellent as usual. I also really like the mix from GCA!

  2. That Stargell card is fantastic!

  3. If you want to get really technical, the Urias is a Snake Skin parallel, a look that made its overall Prizm debut in baseball releases this season.

  4. Urias is someone that's either going to make the people who picked up his cards for cheap this winter very happy, or someone who's going to make the same people very sad.

  5. Haven't seen a Kouzmanoff card in quite awhile. Where did that guy disappear to?

  6. This week I got similar trade packages from both - Panini Yankees from Doug and '74s from GCA.

  7. Chris Paddack was a beast for my fantasy team this year. So glad I picked him up on waivers after his first start. Very nice cards. I love Chronicles this year.