Saturday, December 21, 2019

1/1 Jim Kaat 2005 Retired Rainbow parallel!

Got a pretty cool 1/1 Jim Kaat card today. 2005 Topps Retired Rainbow Foilboard parallel.

I've already got the full base set and many of the autographs, but this is my first of these. The couple of previous times I've seen any of these available, they were very pricey. This one popped up at a decent price-- marked down a bit due to some weird surface issues-- and I jumped at it. Kaat is a guy I kinda collect anyways, so it was a no-brainer to snatch it up. I actually kinda like the surface issues, as they give the card a weathered, old-timey look like from an old newsreel. An autograph would have really been sweet, but not a necessity. (Though if I ever end up going to a Jim Kaat autograph signing, I would probably have him sign it for me. ...No, I definitely would.)

2005 is the only year out of the 3 Retired sets that had these parallels; the 2003 and 2004 sets were more meat and potatoes.

Technically not a refractor (but instead refractive foilboard), but fits right in with my Retired refractors.

Jim Kaat for the Hall of Fame, I say. All those numbers, plus a ton of Gold Gloves.

Hopefully the next time the old-timers' committee for his era does a vote, it will finally be the...

One of the coolest parts about if he were to get inducted is this smooth-ass 70s classic might see a spike in popularity! Ha, sorry, I've been saving my music blogging for my 1991 MusiCards blog. By the way, I've got a birthday coming up this week and my birthday wish is for you to add that blog to the list of blogs you follow and your blogs' blogrolls, and maybe catch up on some of the old posts you missed. It's a fun project, though I'd love to get the number of comments and views up a bit.

Adding a 1/1 to the collection is always a thrill, especially something less common than printing plates. And I'm very happy to add the rarest parallel available in what is perhaps my all-time favorite modern product line of cards.

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  1. That's some fancy ketchup right there. Or should I say catsup? Or Kaatsup?

  2. Yeah, there's something special about 1/1s, which I'm just starting to get into. They almost hid the 1/1 stamp on this one, didn't they?

  3. I keep my Kaat cards in my future PC boxes, as one day I believe he'll get put in the Hall.

  4. PS. Got the package yesterday, thank you. It'll take a couple of posts for sure.

  5. Kaat must be the career wins leader among non hall of famers... or at least in the top 5 or something. 283 is darn impressive. All of those Gold Glove Awards are too.