Saturday, December 7, 2019

Black Gold Rush (big trade recap)

I passed on going to the monthly card show today for a few reasons-- weather was crappy, I already had family lunch plans, it's December and the show is in a mall, and plus I've added a ton of new cards in the past couple weeks thanks to generous trade partners, so that's not a bad card show stand-in. In the interest of time, I'm just going to briefly run through these incoming card packages, though each of them could fill a post to themselves without much trouble.

First up is the latest bunch of cards from Bo.

Great lot of '75 Topps! This setbuild is coming along nicely. Hopefully knock it out in 2020.

Early 90s black gold! (There will be a lot of cards like this in this post, hence the title.)

When I put UD hologram Padres stickers on my wantlist a few years ago, I figured I'd be swimming in them before long. But nope, this is the first one I've ever received in trade, as far as I recall! I've got a Yeti ready for this to be affixed to.

PC needs!

Thanks again for the trade, Bo!

-    -  -- -o

Next up is another package from friend of the blog, Larry P.

Some big name black gold!

More for my "early 90s black gold" collecting project, plus a welcome need for my neglected '84 Donruss setbuild.

Thanks a lot, Larry! Much appreciated!

- - - ---o

And a quick trade with TCDB user jrberus...

..hooking me up with a few more Team 2000 black gold needs. When I eventually complete this insert set I'll have to do a post taking a look at which of these guys actually made it to the year 2000 as an active player. Same with the Team 2001 cards from the next year.

-  - ----o

Mr. Haverkamp dropped a PWE on me with some black gold cards, too.

Dig the "Winner D" pack still in its original packaging. Pretty cool.
Thanks, Jim! I'll send you back something soon.

- - - ----o

Next is my first trade with Bob, who just recently joined the cardsphere with his new blog The Best Bubble.

The black gold lovefest continues with an impressive batch of '92 Leaf golds.

More for the black gold project, including what I'm assuming is the highest "booking" '93 Topps Black Gold card.

Thanks to this and some of the other of the trade packages covered in this post, I've now completed the Leaf Gold Rookies inserts for both 1991 and 1992! I was in awe of those cards as a kid on the rare occasion I was lucky enough to pull one (and still get a big kick out of them as an adult), so that's a pretty cool accomplishment. I should do a post or two spotlighting them in the future. Still looking for some upgrades as well as dupes for PCs. My black gold wants spreadsheet can be found here.

- - - -----o

Lastly for today is a package from first-time trade partner Kyle in NJ. He got in touch with a nice email saying he likes my blog and had some cards to send my way. Always love to hear that!

Good stuff here! My 1992 Leaf Black Gold set is now at 27.27% complete. Still a ways to go, but a pretty good start after only embarking on the quest a few weeks ago.

Some more black gold variety.

Some PC additions too.

Christmas Card! Tyler Glasnow pitched very well for the Rays in 2019, though injuries limited his time on the mound.

Big finish with some impressive 1970 Topps needs and upgrades. Lou Brock in front of the batting cage is awesome.

And let's go out with a BOOM in the form of this beautiful Bob Gibson, a semi-high-number at #530.

Thanks a lot, Kyle! Great stuff. I hope to get a respectable return out to you this coming week.

Thanks again to everybody who's sent me cards, and thanks for reading.


  1. Awesome additions. The 1992 Donruss Diamond Kings really bring back the memories. It's a big reason I want to get a complete 1992 Donruss master set.

    1. Me too. I remember having that Tony Phillips DK back in the day and putting it with my other "good cards". Before this project, I didn't realize '92 and '93 Diamond Kings were basically identical except for different colored backs.


    This post begs for some tunes.

    1. No, I have a whole separate blog for tunes now! LOL

  3. Great trading with you as always. The Kemp was for your thumbs-up binder. There was another one (Jack Howell?) that had a thumbs-up on the back too.
    I have a 2018 Beckett catalog (use it for checklisting) and Griffey ($1.50) is behind only Mark McGwire ($2.00). Kind of a surprise there.

  4. Looks like you've been pulling cards out of my binders and boxes again. LOL.

  5. I remember busting tons of 1991 Leaf packs in search of those Gold Rookies inserts... and of course the special Nolan Ryan and Rickey Henderson cards. Can't believe that was 28 years ago.

  6. Boy, 1993 Topps Black Gold really holds up.

  7. I remember those McDonald's Black Gold cards! Very nice!

  8. Didn’t realize you were collecting the ‘94 Black Gold set as well. I know I have a card or two from both sets I can send you as well as some Team 2000s and Leaf Black Gold ones. I’ll take a look through your Want List this next week.

  9. If i had more time to look, I know I have a ton of those leaf black gold cards needing a new home.