Sunday, October 16, 2022

Welcome to San Diego, Juan Soto!

Padres beat L.A.! :) Here's an old draft of mine from August when San Diego acquired Juan Soto.

Oh man, what a banner day for this lifelong Padres fan! We got Juan Soto.

He's become my favorite active player in recent years, so I'm pretty thrilled about it. I have dreams dancing in my eyes that he ends up spending the bulk of his Hall of Fame career in San Diego and leads the team on a dynastic run of success.

Of course, as a lifelong Padres fan, I'm just assuming it'll end in heartbreak, but I can still enjoy the ride. And who knows.. that Padres could win the World Series one of these years if things go their way.. right?

Here are my 4 best Juan Soto cards to show off in celebration.

2018 Topps Now #235 Juan Soto /6815

Topps released many different Juan Soto rookie cards in 2018 but this was the first! to hit the market. I pre-ordered this Topps Now card on eBay for $4.95 shipped on the first day it was available. Let's hope in time it becomes the "iconic rookie card" he's known for. lol

2018 Bowman - Chrome Prospects - Mega Box Mojo Refractor #BCP52 - Juan Soto

Can't remember if I pulled this one myself or snagged it at a card show. Nice shiny "Bowman rookie" (though no RC logo, being part of the prospect portion of the set).

2019 Bowman Sterling - Sterling Retrospect Autographs - Blue Refractor #SRA-JS Juan Soto #/25

This will stand as my only Juan Soto autograph acquired during his stint in Washington. Got a solid deal on this back in 2019 via eBay. I'll have to eventually add one with him in a Padres uni if I can.

2018 Topps Mini - #US300 Juan Soto

Funny enough, I don't have a base Juan Soto 2018 Topps Update rookie #300, but I do have it in mini form. The stated print run of this on demand set from Topps was 150. ....Oh my, did I read that right?! Yep, just a one hundred and fifty of these li'l Soto RCs out there. Goes without saying that I am very, very happy to own this card! (Still hope to get it in its slightly larger base card form someday too.)

So there are my best Juan Soto cards as of the big trade.

Again, welcome to San Diego, Juan Soto... and Go Padres!

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