Tuesday, October 11, 2022

cards out the window

We're getting our windows replaced in the house, including the card room. This had been in the works for months but while we knew it was probably gonna happen sometime in October, it wasn't until about a week before that the window guys were like, "ok, we'll be there Monday. Please clear stuff 5-7 feet away from the windows."

Kind of a nightmare situation for me, as we've got a lot of crap jammed into a relatively small house, with the cardroom being the most packed. So that was a lot of work (and put my mental health through the ringer, compounded by my wife being out of town for the start of the construction). Almost like moving all over again. Had to haul a lot of boxes of cards down to the basement temporarily, not to mention some furniture and stuff. Looking for a silver lining, at least when I put it all back together I can make some minor changes to the layout I had been thinking about. And the new windows should be nice. But sucks to basically have the cardroom blown up and have to be put back. I'm sure plenty of stuff will be "missing/misplaced" when I try to find them for a while.. well, more so than usual!

Anyways, I'll try to do a post to catch up with some incoming cards.

I recently got a surprise zapping from Zippy. Always love adding Sega Card Gens, which have pretty much all come to me via Zippy, but I don't think I've received so many at once before. Miggy's the big name in this solid lot.

More highlights

I really get a kick out of a "grab bag" package of cards like this.

But cardboard was second fiddle to the shock of pulling this thing out of the box...

While it's true I've got Pete Alonso on my wantlist, I'm not sure what to do with this!

[Sorry Pete, but I'm happy my Padres took down the Mets to advance.]

Thanks a lot, Zippy! I'm further in your debt!

- -o

John Miller sent me over a PWE with some good stuff. Gavin Floyd auto, Bip Roberts frozen in carbonite, a couple sparkly 2011 Topps, and 2 sets of candidates for my Vintage Frankenset. Spot #29 is awarded to Boog Powell 1965 Topps Embossed, with 1970 Fleer Laughlin World Series (Mel Ott, 1933) getting the nod for #30. 

Much appreciated, Johnny! I will send you back something before long.


I've been buying a few Topps All-Time Fan Favorites refractors in recent months. One from eBay came with a bonus numbered Brian Giles card. It was kinda of a shocking surprise ("How did they know?!"), but then I realized the seller was a fellow blogger, ol' friend of the blog, gcrl. So that was a fun coincidence.

Here's a bonus action shot of my dog to wrap things up since this post is a bit thin (sorry my blog sucks now, I just have very little left in the tank for blogging these days). The tools appearing to come out of her butt were from a tree stump I dug out from that corner of my backyard a couple weeks back. Very satisfying when it was finally extracted. But yeah, home ownership can be partially blamed for my decline of posting. We're coming up on 2 years in the house this month. Always something that needs doing!


  1. Crap, I forgot all about Rod's latest (last?) box of cards. Oh well, that'll have to wait till a different post. Actually, it might be too late because of the moving around and I didn't get images yet. In that case, I'd like it to be known to the world that Rod gave me a bunch of great cards, even if I don't get around to posting them.

  2. Cute doggo.. Nice batch of cards as well.. I slowed down on blogging quite a lot over the last couple years but that's to be expected when I spent most of the last two years in the hospital..

  3. I also got a surprise Zapping in the mail with some of those Card-Gens...and that very same Alonso plush thing. Definitely one of the stranger items I've ever received in a trade package, and I absolutely love it!

  4. I just set aside a slew of those platinum 2011 thingys for your other frankenset.

  5. Good luck with the windows! Cool package from ZZ. He always sends fun stuff.

  6. Pictures of family pets are a good way to fill the 'ol blogging tank!

  7. Is that a sex doll?

  8. Good luck with the whole window replacement thing, that does not sound like fun.

  9. 1965 topps embossed are always fun