Saturday, October 22, 2022

continued Topps Retired refracting

Let's do another Topps Retired Triad post where I just show off 3 cards of the Topps Retired refractor autograph variety. Got a trio of Hall of Famers to feature today.

Love this beautiful Jim Rice. But first, gotta mention that the window replacement (stressed out over in a previous post) went well. I'm still putting the cardroom back, but trying to make improvements as I go as far as organization and infrastructure. One thing that kinda sucks though is that the best window for taking good pictures now has a screen on it. That's good for getting better airflow in the room, but it'll negatively impact my photos of cards, as you can see with the lines across the bottom of the above picture. So my options are just having lines in much of my card photos going forward, finding a new go-to spot for card photos, or using this as another motivating factor to sunset this blog and move on. Or maybe I should start using a scanner, though I still haven't gotten around to setting up the new printer I got a couple months ago. [Pretty sure the scanner still works fine on the old one, but I want nothing more to do with that thing. Now it's collecting dust and rat droppings while sitting in the garage because you can't just throw away old printers these days due to environmental reasons. Lame.]

This back picture didn't turn out very well, but there's the back. Always nice when a guy plays his whole career with one team.

Ah, Orlando Cepeda looking good here!

Some very nice seasons in that HOF career.

Monte Irvin closes out today's post. I already had the base version of this auto-- now available for trade, if anyone wants to make me an offer, like for some '72 high numbers or whatever-- but I was excited when this refractor popped up. Not only does it look great in its shiny splendor but...

Christmas Card!

Those career stats listed on the back are in need of updating now that his stint with the Newark Eagles-- disrupted by three years serving his country--  counts towards his MLB stats, bumping Monte's career batting average up to .305. 

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  1. all 3 are pc guys for me, monte gets a double dip for hitting the birthday binders

  2. Very nice. I do have autos of all three, so that's pretty cool.

  3. Monte Irvin cards make me happy.

  4. I really hope you're not serious about sunsetting the blog.

    When I take card photos at night, I find the laptop screen's glow to be pretty good at making even, shadow-free light.

  5. If you're ever driving down to the Bay Area, bring that printer. You can stop by my school and drop it off. We're always recycling old tech.

    P.S. Love these refractors!

  6. I wish Topps would do another set like this...filled with these types of names and not marginal guys who sign in every product.

  7. Jim Rice has such a clean signature! Great card!

  8. I don't like how most of my scans turn out, but for the most part, it's really my only option most of the time. There's one good spot for me to take photos in the house when the sun is just right, but I'm usually not at home when said sun is just right.