Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Here Comes the Judge

Congrats to Aaron Judge for breaking Roger Maris' AL record with his 62nd home run of the season.

It compelled me to thumb thru my little Judge PC. Why not get a quick post out of it? Here are 10 good ones.

A couple pre-rookies, if you will. Nice.

A few rookie cards. The blue Bunt was a contest win from the generous Johnny's Trading Spot back in the day.

Another contest win, this /50 pink parallel shared with teammate Giancarlo Stanton came from a Save Second Base event at Collecting Cutch. Good times.

This one isn't numbered, but I think it's pretty dang scarce.. an image variation I lucked into from an on-demand release.

This is probably my top Judge card. Fresh fishfractor ("Prism") pulled myself from a 2017 Chrome blaster I bought at the grocery store. Fun stuff.

Enjoy October baseball, gang!


  1. Woowee! Very nice Judges. Been fun watching him and Pujols finish the season.

  2. Yes indeed, some nice Judges. Congrats to the new record holder in NY.

  3. Nice collection. It was fun to see Judge and Pujols in action.

  4. I like the background with the on-demand release.

  5. Nice collection. Cool on-demand issue, never seen that one.

  6. Wished i had kept my judges. Traded 98% away. So much trade value i lost now