Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Refraction Action: Todd Helton 2012 Panini Prizm

The career numbers for Todd Helton are in. A .316 batting average with 2519 hits, 369 home runs, and 1406 RBI. Not too shabby. When the sour taste of the steroid era eventually starts to fade with time, look for him to get some HOF attention. Eventually. Probably.

I never did like Helton much (always seemed to victimize my Padres), but I always respected him (well, until the DUI). He seemed like a good ballplayer and solid teammate. Adios, Todd, thanks for playing.

The above card is a refractor parallel from 2012 Panini Prizm. This was the set where I got in with a group break last month (I suppose I should write a post on my haul soon). I got so swept up with it that I bought my own box, too. Needless to say, my brief love affair with the set has come to an end. I got no hits in the group break, and no hits in my own box (it promised 2 autos per box, and both my autos were non-stars.. Skip and Fister.. say la vie.. or however you spell that.) This was one of the 3 refractors in my box. Figured I'd whip up a refractin' action of it to sorta salute Helton here on a fine major league career. It turned out all right.

Thanks for joining us and see you next time, here on Refractin' Action®, where we bring refractors to life.

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