Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hoarding Fuji's Nachos (mailday melee)

Fuji erupted '82 Topps needs (and want-to-upgrade's) all over my mailbox. Funny enough, just a day or two before, I updated my Desperate Dozen list with the cards I needed to put this set to bed. I'm now down to a single card (#200 George Brett), plus a few more I wouldn't mind upgrading (415 Don Baylor, 450 Jack Morris, 607 Durham, 606 Blue Jays TL). Very appreciated! Thanks, Fuji!

He also included a couple nice Astros cards. I've got a copy of that Springer relic with an orange swatch, but cool to add a white version too.

Super Giles Bros.

Yonder Alonso is having a decent season with the Indians.
Michael Conforto hasn't really been able to get it going this year, like most of the Mets' hitters.

Nice selection of Pads in the Hall.

And closing out with little Randy Jones retrospective.

There was also another cool thing, but it's for a custom commision project, so I'll keep that under wraps for now.

Big thanks, Fuji! I'll get working on that project and hope to dig up a few more cards for you.

-   - - --o

I also recently grabbed a Trade Stack over at Nachos Grande.

Out of the 7 cards in the stack, these 4 fit into PCs I've got going. Cool McGwire Pacific diecut. The Rod Beck Topps Gold is really what put the stack over the top for me. I generally don't care much for modern painted cards, and these two Reds are no exception, but hey, throw 'em in the Votto and Bench PC, respectively.

Thanks, Chris! Hope you can use what I sent your way in exchange.

-  - ---o

Next up is a surprise package from Jason at Hoarding Cardboard.

Jason got the White Sox in Kerry's recent free group break, and landed a couple Matt Ginters and a Fisk I could use. Nice Gavin here, too.

Some young AL stars here. Jason's note kindly pointed out that the Mookie is the AL set version.

Finally, a bunch of Judges and a $1 off coupon. I'm guessing this is good on any Topps product fat pack? Maybe I'll use it to grab some 2018 Ginter and try to pull that cryptocurrency card that dumbasses are paying a lot of money for because they think they're buying cryptocurrency.

But anyways.. Thanks, Jason! I'll round up some cards to send you back soon.

I've also got some great incoming cards from Collector Chris and Dimestore Doug that I still need to cover, but didn't have a chance to get to them today, sorry to say. Soon, though.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Love that '82 Rickey. And the Padres manupatch on the Alonso card is neat. So is the Fisk disk. Wonder where Jason found that one.

  2. Glad everything made it safely. Hopefully everything fits in nicely. The Fisk was also part of the group break, but I like the opportunity to send it to a good home, as in the spirit of said break.

  3. That '86 Dick Williams is freaking me out for some reason.

    1. Agreed. I wouldn't want to get picked off first base and take the walk of shame back to Williams' stare.
      I find both the Sparky and Votto images to be more creepy though.

  4. Glad to see the cards arrived safely. Can't wait to see how the super secret custom commission project turns out! Thanks in advance for helping me out with hit. Figured it'd be cool to have something that ties all three of our collections together.