Friday, April 26, 2019

Vintage Influx

I need to apologize to GCA for forgetting to include a PWE from him in my last trade-roundup post. But it included a few vintage needs, so it goes well with some other incoming cards from Bo that I can combine into this post.

A few big names from GCA for my '79 Topps setbuild.

Thanks, Greg!

 -  - --o

Next up is a box from Bo.

Nice chunk of '79 Topps. Many of these are off-condition (which Bo gave me a heads-up on beforehand) that I'd eventually like to upgrade, but still welcomed placeholders. This lot plus the above from GCA gets me over 90% complete! Shouldn't be too long now.

On the topic of my 70s setbuilds, I should mention I've recently been pulling my vintage wantlists that I had on TCDB off there and into my own Google docs. I gave the TCDB thing a shot, but ultimately it wasn't working for me, at least not with vintage setbuilds. I like the flexibility of doing my own thing (for instance, I like being able to mark a card "upgrade would be nice" or "dupe wanted for PC"). I thought maybe getting some lively trade action would be a benefit of TCDB, but it's been fairly quiet for me on there, though I know I'm largely to blame for not adding more "for trade" cards to my account. I'll definitely consider giving TCDB another go in the future, but for now, it just doesn't jive with my collecting/cataloging habits.

While I completed my 1980 Topps set a year or so ago, there's still some unfinished business there.. with a few cards marked the aforementioned status of "upgrade would be nice" or "dupe wanted for PC". After these, I'm now down to a even dozen cards I'd like to upgrade and five guys-I-collect I'd like a dupe of for their respective PCs.

But the bulk of Bo's box was 175 needs for my 1978 Topps set. These are mostly in great shape, too. I'm in the middle of revamping my '78 wantlist, so I'm not exactly sure where I'm at with the set right now, but I'm probably down to needing about 100 or so cards.

Thanks a lot, Bo! I dropped a return package in the mail for you today.

If anybody else would like to help in my quest to complete a run of 70s Topps flagship, my needs can be found linked on my main wantlist. Thanks!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Bo has been hitting the vintage hard this year.

  2. darn good stuff here! Bo's truly on a vintage tear! If I could complete any cardboard decade, it would be the 70s. I realize this isn't feasible on my budget but can pick up my favorite cards for the 70s baseball binder which makes me happy! Nice going,gav!

  3. Not sure why... but I've always been fond of the 1979 Topps Record Breaker cards. I think it has to do with the baseball and the red, white, and blue banner.