Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Well-Traveled Envelope Challenge passes thru

Gregory over at the new Nine Pockets blog recently started a little challenge thing where we see how many times one group of packaging material can bounce around the cardsphere. Since the idea was inspired by the suggestion of reusing shipping supplies in my Guide to Shipping Sports Cards Safely and Cheaply post, he gave the choice to be the first recipient, which I happily accepted.

Unfortunately, when the package showed up in my mailbox, it had slipped my mind that I was supposed to be on alert for it and I didn't recognize the return address, so I just cut into it willy-nilly. Oh well, can still work with this.

In fact, I've already sent it on its way, along with the traveling team bag and bluetaped pair of top-loaders for protection. I had been meaning to hit Angus back for the lot of Tommy Vardell and Brian Sipe cards he sent me a few weeks back. The few Browns cards I've picked up for him would probably fit ok in a PWE, but one of them is a relic and I'd be worried about it getting damaged-- very risky to send relic cards in a PWE-- so this package-reusing challenge seemed like a good opportunity. I checked in with him first to make sure he was up to the challenge and he gave the thumbs-up.

But back to the cards Gregory sent me..

In addition to the lovely 2013 Jose Altuve refractor at the top of the post, here's a solid lot of '78 Topps needs, highlighted by Ferguson.

Always love scoring more Kirbys.

And a few more cards, including a mini Didi Rookie.

Thanks again, Gregory! Good stuff. I know sending a return isn't necessarily part of the challenge, but I'll shoot you over a few '80 Topps cards on your wantlist to return the favor.

Check out his post on The Well-Traveled Envelope Challenge to learn more about it. It'll be fun to track its progress. Hopefully the package racks up a lot of mileage!


  1. I saw the original post on this, very cool!

  2. Can't wait to see all of the places this padded envelope travels to.

  3. Here's a thought. Wouldn't it be cool to add a couple of columns to the log indicating point-to-point miles and cumulative miles (approximate)?

  4. Glad the envelope is moving along already. Thanks Gavin!