Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Cody Bellinger PC

Cody Bellinger has been on fire here in the early going of the 2019 season. I figured it'd be a good excuse to take a look at my little PC of the guy.

I don't have any "sick mojo hits" to brag about here, but this Heritage Chrome RC /999 is nifty enough to get top billing. Plus I got it in a trade with my oldest cardsphere trading buddy, Marcus, which is always a nice way to acquire a card.

More cards on recycled Topps designs.

Plenty more Topps.

The manurelic is the closest thing to a hit. Jackie Robinson tribute cards like this always seem to make more sense when it's a Dodgers player.

Some cards from one of Topps' online offerings of 2017.

Here's Bowman. The Bowman Platinum is my earliest card of the guy, 2016. Probably his best card is an auto in 2015 Bowman (didn't have a base card, just the 1st Bowman Chrome auto). I should have snagged one of those when I could. If he keeps his career going like this, that card could possibly end up being in the same boat as the 2011 Update Trout as a modern iconic, highly sought-after card.

Here are my Cody Bellinger cards that were not put out by the Topps Company. The /99 is my lowest-numbered card of his. The UD and Fleer customs were whipped up by yours truly back in 2017.

Figured I'd show off my handiwork on the backs, too.

Dupes I've got. Funny how I've ended up with 3 of his Heritage High Number rookies (4 if you count the Chrome parallel up top). I'm pretty sure I pulled one from a pack, snagged another cheap at a card show last year, and think I received another in a trade package somewhere along the line. From looking on COMC, they ain't cheap these days.. so I'm not complaining! But my extras are on the table for trade offers.

So there you have my little Cody Bellinger PC as it stands heading into May 2019.
Thanks for reading.


  1. That '17 Topps RC went from $1 to $10 real quick.

  2. The amount of "on-demand" Cody Bellinger cards is obnoxious.

    Also, how is it that your Cody Bellinger collection is more impressive than mine?

  3. Awesome collection. Guess it's about that time to start digging through my rookie bin to see if I have any of his cards.

  4. That's a solid collection! I know I have a few of his RCs. Should probably dig those out and put them on eBay.

  5. He is killing it this year. Great player to have already started a PC on. Good stuff.