Monday, April 1, 2019

No More Trading

Welp, the time has finally come. Long time readers of this blog have no doubt seen this coming for a while now.

Starting now I will no longer trade cards.

Trading stresses me out as I nearly always end up feeling bad that I either didn't give enough or didn't receive enough. And my stock of tradable cards has dwindled down pretty small and I haven't been ripping new product to replenish it. And with the ever-rising USPS postage rates, it's become too expensive.

...Ok, ok-- you got me! I'll admit this is a halfhearted April Fool's joke. I'm not quitting trading. I mean, the reasons I gave for why I should quit are all true, but no, trading is still fun. I feel I've been cutting back lately, but don't think I could ever fully stop.

Seems 2019 had been shaping up to be a slow year tradewise, but in the past week or so, I've gotten several packages/PWEs in the mail from trader buddies-- probably more in the past 10 days than the rest of the year combined so far.

Let's check them out...

Night Owl surprised me with a bunch of vintage set needs. Some solid names here!

Some '76s too.

Nice '77 lot.

Getting a Ron Cey from Night Owl is like kissing the Pope's ring.

Out of all the 80s Fleer sets, I think I've got the least amount of '83, so this was a nice lot to help that future setbuild.

And a nice hit with a Khalil Greene relic /199.

Thanks, N.O.! I'll round up a return for you shortly.

- -----o

Next up is what I think is my first trade with Adam at Cardboard Clubhouse.

Andre Dawson and Vida Blue for the PCs.

Some Braves from yesteryear and a couple stars of today.

But the big card in the package (literally thicker than the rest of the cards put together) is this card of a pretty girl holding a hockey stick, and an embedded piece of said hockey stick. Neat!

Carrie Stoup is a fashion model, TV host, and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss World America 2001.

Good stuff. Thanks a lot for the trade, Adam!

- - ----o

Bo kindly filled some holes in my Tekulve PC that I showed off recently. Love the goofy '88 Fleer pic.

A Joe Morgan for my '79 Topps setbuild and a McCovey.

Thanks, Bo!

-- ----o

Last one for today is my first trade with Alex from Chavez Ravining since 2014, I think! He took an extended hiatus from the cardsphere, but good to see he has been back at it lately.

Here's a complete base set of the Archer cards from a while back. I haven't watched it in a while, but it's still a favorite.

We wrap things up with a 1/1 sketchcard that Alex had commissioned back in 2014. (not a pack-pulled sketch card, but this artist did have cards featured in that product). Krieger is a great character, and I'm glad Alex thought of me when slimming down his collection a little.

Thanks again, Alex! I'm working on putting a return together for you.


  1. Glad you liked the cards Gavin!

  2. Love all the Teks!
    Also, you got me with your click bait title!

  3. It's so nice seeing '70s cards on someone else's blog besides my own -- even if I sent them.

    Also, Carrie Stoup looks like she's accumulated a few game misconducts.

  4. Lol. I actually fell for your little joke. Sadly... I was agreeing with you the entire time. I haven't traded in a long, long time. I enjoy exchanging care packages and blind trade packages here and there. That's way more my speed.

    1. I'd probably consider "exchanging care packages and blind trade packages" under the umbrella of trading, but I get what you mean. Not a "You send me that, I send you this" agreement. But those can be nice because then you don't have to worry about disappointing the other person.

  5. I was gonna say, I haven't even done a trade with you yet in 2019 lol

    1. I've got plenty of NY Giants parallels set aside for you!

  6. What a wonderful sketch card! And that was pretty great of Alex to just give it away like that.

    1. Yeah, it's pretty nifty! Maybe I should think about commissioning an artist for a cool sketchcard sometime.

  7. Great trades here but the "no trading" thing just about had you buried in cards. Just because. I have thousands sitting here begging to be dumped on someone.

  8. Glad you liked the cards! I must say, you had me with that title.

  9. The Carrie Stoup memorabilia looks more like a piece of her bikini!?

    1. Yeah, looks like a color match, but it is in fact a solid (non cloth) little piece.