Sunday, September 6, 2015

A highly successful and completely awesome trade

I gotta think Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary is a strong frontrunner for the award of Best New Blog of 2015. Brian burst onto the scene with a fun, fascinating blog and quickly built a reputation as a very generous trader to boot. It took me a while, but I finally got into the action and completed my first trade with him. I can't recall ever trading with a Twins collector before, so I was happy to majorly thin out the Twins section of my tradebox on him and also scrounge up some other stuff he might be able to use in his collection.

Brian hit me back with an awesome bunch of cards heavy on my favorite PCs. Let's check out some highlights!

Some glorious Goldschmidts! That hockey-style Archives insert was the specific card from a trade bait post that motivated me to reach out about a trade.

A couple more young stars of today, Mike Trout and Giancarlo Stanton. Nice selection here!

The Giles Bros. were represented with a flying Marcus rainbow and a #'d /500 Brian. I hadn't noticed it before, but that first Marcus card seems to have the wrong facsimile autograph... definitely doesn't look like his signature. [Gavin does some quick research.] Looks like it's an uncorrected error in 2007 flagship. The Chrome and Opening Day versions have the correct signature.

These Flair cards sure are snazzy looking

It's my understanding that Chris Sale's been having a great year.

Rod Beck in action!

Nice infusion for my McCovey PC!

And some more Padre greats of yesteryear. I always get a kick out of new-to-me pictures of Winfield rocking the brown and gold.

Great Marquis lot featuring an invaluable 1990 UD #9.

Caminiti cards!

Gotta love Bert Blyleven.

Gavin Floyd!

Here are a few Chrome Padres, highlighted by a purple refractor Cashner.

Let's close with a pair of Pops. It's funny how 1988 Donruss does nothing for me.. but Donruss Originals in that design always catch my eye. What a wonderful world it would have been if Willie Stargell was still patrolling the field for Pittsburgh in 1988.

There's still a fat stack of more neat cards I haven't shown, but let's call this post good here.

Thanks again for the trade, Brian! My Twins tradeables are pretty bare now, but I'll be keeping an eye out for cards for you so hopefully we can get another trade going before too long!


  1. The Tony Gwynn acetate card is a gem, but those Jody Reed cards are probably my favorite of the post, never seen those before. The Winfield looks great, as does the Ozzie Smith from that set.

  2. What a haul. Those hockey-style inserts are the bomb; I wish there were most of these inter-sports throwbacks!

  3. Those Stargell cards are nice. I love those hockey throwbacks from Archives (I think that's what they are from). Brian is a great dude to trade with.

  4. My vote would go to Brian for Best New Blog of the Year. The fact that the guy puts together exquisite trade packages is a pure bonus. I'm jealous of that Rod Beck!