Saturday, April 23, 2016

Deja Vu.. another 2016 Donruss blaster flies into my cart

Just like last Saturday, I bought another blaster of 2016 Donruss at the grocery store today. It was the last one they had out. Would that be good luck for me?

Ever the groundbreaker, I took a photo of the blaster in mid-air. Because why not.. you know what the box looks like.

Panini should do a separate set with just these.. like "Donruss Heritage". Photo-wise, these tend to be the most interesting cards. Rickey walking around carrying stolen bases is pretty cool. The rest are available for trade.

Nothing too notable in the inserts, but these are fine.

Base cards of some guys I collect.

Base cards of guys I don't collect (available for trade). Nice to see the Expos make it into the set via Andres Galarraga.

Gawl dang it, my two "best cards of the box" are both Giants. Boo. They were back to back in the same pack, too. At least the relic is a nice big piece of orange jersey (better than a plain white swatch, right?), though the name Tyler Beede means nothing to me. It's unnumbered. The Matt Duffy press proof is #'d 84/99. The only Giants fan I ever trade with, ARPSmith, has been MIA for a while, I think changing jobs or someshit, so these will likely collect cobwebs in my tradebox unless any of you guys want to trade. Just drop me an email. I know I've got a few pending interested parties from my last few trade bait posts, but I'm hoping to get a batch of packages out here shortly. If you were interested in something from me in the past and I've left you hanging, please don't be shy to drop me an email to rekindle a deal.

Anyways, this box probably wasn't as good as the last one with the A-rod bat chip, but could have been worse. I doubt I'll buy any more of this stuff, though. I was on the fence about this one as it was, and I think I'm good with two.

Thanks for swinging by!


  1. One of my readers (who goes by the name of J) is a Giants collector. I'm not sure if they read your blog though.

    Anyway Tyler Beede's a notable prospect. He was drafted 21st overall (first round) by the Blue Jays in 2011 and he was drafted 14th overall in 2014. He's a Giants prospect so expect him to exceed expectations and make it to the big leagues somehow.

  2. I am still alive but still in transit. My move should happen in mid June with my stuff delivered in late June. My cards are all packed up but I would be interested in a trade once I get settled if those 2 awesome Giants are still around.

  3. Digging that innovation, G.
    You may have started a new thing, and have us all show boxes or packs in creative shots.

  4. Love the creative box shot! I'd be interested in the Turner 'The Rookies' and the Studio Schwarber if no one else has spoken up.

  5. The Pillar card bothers me.. Has Donruss been altering the uniform colours as well? The name on the back looks like the style used in the 1977 road unis..

  6. I guess I thought Nolan Ryan always wore the number 34. Guess he wore it for a while as a Met and then again as an Angel. Broke into the league as a Met w/34, then finished it up with the Astros and Rangers wearing 34 again.