Friday, June 24, 2016

I got a LeVar Burton auto.. but you don't have to take MY word for it.

Reading Rainbow, Roots, Star Trek: The Next Generation.. now that's a frickken impressive triple crown of a résumé right there. Sprinkle in a dash of Big Bang Theory and Family Guy, and you're a pop culture icon, no question.

I wanted to snag a LeVar Burton auto for my collection, and I recently made that dream come true.

Pretty cool! And on-card! LeVar's got a pretty spectacular, intricate signature.. always nice to see as opposed to a couple quick squiggles. Very happy to add this one to my collection.

While I don't specifically remember LeVar's Family Guy guest appearance (I guess it's just these couple lines in a big TNG cast sequence?), I'll take it. I won't lie and say I'm a big Star Trek guy, but growing up, my mom was a loyal Next Gen watcher, so the show (and Geordi La Forge) is close to me whether I want it to be or not. Personally, I'm more of a Reading Rainbow fan. As far as educational kid shows, it was right there with Sesame Street and Mr. Roger's Neighborhood as the best around in the 80s.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. And, hey, there's a baseball connection...he played Ron LeFlore in the TV movie of LeFlore's life. Sweet card.

    My mother actually came up with the idea of having a segment on Reading Rainbow where kids review books, although she didn't coin the phrase that introduced that segment, and this post....

  2. i was going to mention the ron leflore connection, but brett beat me too it. i doubt the reading rainbow ever featured 'one in a million - the ron leflore story', but i read it as a kid. i thought it was a book about baseball, but it was a lot more than that. nice get!

  3. Levar. Troy. Community.

    This is why I love Donald Glover.

  4. Don't forget about Square One as another one of those educational shows from he 80s. It had MathMan (a Pac Man spoof) and Mathnet (a parody of Dragnet

  5. That is a great card. Congrats on the pickup.