Thursday, June 23, 2016

a box of 2014 Panini Classics

I've posted about busting the two hobby boxes of 2016 Topps Archives I pre-ordered a few months ago (see the best pull of my life and the Fantastical Machine trilogy), but I also grabbed something else to help bump me past the free shipping threshold at Dave & Adam's: a box of 2014 Panini Classics Baseball. It's a pretty nice mid-level release that seems to be a one-and-done product, as there was no 2015 version and no word yet of a 2016 release on the horizon either. I've seen 2014 Classics on blogs and gotten 2 or 3 cards from eBay or traders, but hadn't ripped any of it myself. I even put it on my Christmas list last year, but Santa passed on it, so I had to take matters into my own hands. I'm glad I did, as it turned out to be a pretty solid box for me.

This would have been a nice box for a Red Sox fan. Not a bad David Ortiz jersey/bat dual relic /99. He's having a great farewell season, despite being in a lot of pain.
And while this is the Cecchini brother I don't actively collect, I don't mind adding a /299 auto of Gavin's big brother Garin. He was sold to the Brewers after last season, and has spent all of 2016 in AAA so far.

My other 2 hits were definitely solid, as well.. a couple auto/relic cards each #'d /299.
Nick Castellanos is a fine young third baseman who seems to get better every year.
Jameson Taillon made his MLB debut earlier this month and looks to be an important arm in the Pirates rotation going forward. My biggest complaint about 2014 Panini Classics (well, besides no logos) is that all the autos seem to be stickers.. all the autos I got, at least.

I got a couple Timeless Tributes rainbow foil (or whatever) parallels #'d /149, both guys I kinda-sorta collect a little-- Billy Hamilton and Mark McGwire-- so that's cool I guess.

Here are a couple big names you're not likely to pull from a new pack of Topps cards. It's still odd to me that Topps has been shunning Bonds, while giving love in recent products to Canseco, McGwire, Clemens, and Palmeiro. Maybe Barry won't sign with them or something?

I was happy to come up with a fat stack of keepers for my collection, a few of which are shown here.
Looks like Panini got a little out of control photoshopping out stuff, and photoshopped out Mike Schmidt's mustache! LOL

While most of my interest was with the old-timers, there are plenty of cool active stars in there too.

So yeah, this was a fun box to bust.


  1. That's a nice looking product! Please let me know if I can get the Castellanos from you at some point.

    Also, if Panini is Photoshopping out facial hair, maybe they can help Mattingly remember to TRIM THOSE SIDEBURNS

  2. Such a fun product to bust at a great price! It's a shame Panini didn't keep it going.

  3. God this is an ugly product (how's that for a wild swing of opinions in the comments?)

    But I'm sure the price was right.

  4. I like the decision to use of pennants on the base cards... the players on their checklist, and the use of bright colors on the Ortiz relic. However the lack of logos, use of sticker autographs, the actual way the pennants are used on the base cards (not a fan of how the pennant on white background takes up nearly a third of the card), and the fact that I'm a big time cheapskate would keep me from purchasing this product (unless it was super duper cheap).

  5. The checklist on this set was one of the best in recent memory. Great mix of young players and a ton of pre war guys. This set failed because the price point was originally way to high. I was disappointed because I thought with a few tweaks this could have been a winner for Panini.

  6. not a bad break. If Jr is available....I know a home for it :)