Thursday, June 9, 2016

Trade roundup for one

Seems like a few weeks since I last did a trade roundup. And it's not because I've been slacking, but because I just haven't gotten a trade package in that time. But P-town Tom heroically broke my cold streak with a sweet mailer of cards.

Kicking off with a couple autos. While I've already got the four needed letter A cards in my project of spelling BASEBALL CARD BREAKDOWN, there's a good chance this Mike Leake card will bump one of them out, what with him being an established major leaguer and hey, San Diego born, to boot. Not sure who my other A cards are off the top of my head, but chances are at least one of them is a failed prospect.
As for the other card here, I don't really know anything about Chris Betts, but when I saw Tom pulled a Christmas Card out of a box of Leaf Draft, I let it be known I was interested if it was available. (Really guys, if you get a card numbered 12/25, just assume I'm interested in trading for it!) Cool looking card. Best of luck to Chris Betts with his career.

As a Cubs/Team USA fan, looks like Tom had some Kris Bryant dupes to share. Nice!

The Giles Brothers and the Vogelmoster! That sounds like the title of a cheesy book for young adults.

Some appreciated cards of dudes I collect. Of special note is the yellow bordered box-bottom Brett, and the Yaz that I remember recently seeing on Completely Arbitrary and thinking to myself that was a cool card and I hoped to get a copy someday. So that worked out nicely!

We wrap up with a great lot for my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset. Oh how they sparkle!

Big thanks for the trade, Tom!


  1. "The Giles Brothers and the Vogelmoster! That sounds like the title of a cheesy book for young adults."

    I've already got the young children covered:

  2. I think making trade packages for you is my favorite. You have a nice list of players to search my trade boxes for, which is much more fun than just taking a brick of cards and quickly stuffing them in a mailer.

    1. Glad to hear it! Yeah, I try to keep a wide, eclectic wantlist.