Wednesday, February 15, 2017

1965 Topps Sandy Koufax and Dodgers friends

Amazing package from gcrl arrived the other day. I was super excited for this card. Apart from a beat-up league leaders card, I don't think I previously had any playing-days Sandy Koufax in my collection. It pairs nicely with the sweet autograph I splurged for last month. But technically, this isn't for the Koufax PC, but rather the 1965 setbuild. It's in the right the condition I like for vintage: just off enough to keep the Slabbing Sect away, but still a fantastic, eye-pleasing specimen of a baseball card.

The back's a beaut, too.

And we're not through with the vintage Koufax...

Jim also included this iconic LL card featuring the one-two punch of Koufax and Don Drysdale.

Jim is the cardsphere's premiere Steve Garvey collector, and looks like he had some dupes available to share with me.

We differ in that my fond memories of Garv are from his Padre days, while I'm sure gcrl would have rather he spent his entire career in Dodger blue.

Nice selection of 80s oddballs.

Here's a card that made my eyes light up. Terrific looking relic card.

Great stuff.. thanks, Jim!

And there's more from the package, too, but I'm going to spread it out over another post or two.

- --o

And since this post is heavy on Dodgers and it happens to be Ron Cey's birthday, here's a bonus card to show off today that I picked up off eBay a little while back:

Ain't that pretty?! You know I'm crazy about Topps Retired, and if I see a refractor auto I don't have pop up with a low opening bid, you can bet I'll throw a bid on it.

He'll always be an Oakland Athletic to me.

Just kidding.

Cey seem like a great guy, and is very generous signing autographs for fans. Got a nice TTM return from him last year.

Happy Birthday, Penguin!


  1. GCRL is one of the most generous trade partners I've come across in the blogosphere. Love the '65 Koufax. I was lucky enough to find a well-loved copy at my local show a couple years back, and it's been one of my most sacred pieces of vintage ever since.

  2. Hell yeah! The Penguin will always be remembered as an Athletic. I don't even remember his Dodger days.

    P.S. Those 65 Koufaxs are awesome!

  3. Please strike Fuji's remark from the record.

  4. Great trade package!!! The '65 Topps is one of my top 5 best looking sets. Can't wait to finish!

  5. You my friend have had a pretty great couple of months adding awesome cardboard. That Koufax is great. GCRL is the man!!!

  6. thanks for the words, guys. i do enjoy shopping for others, but i'll be honest here and say that gavin deserved more given the work he did for me with my customs.

  7. Woo! There's gonna be a cage match between night owl and Fuji! :)

    "Slabbing Sect" - that's perfect. I love it and fully agree. Vintage that is too perfect doesn't seem authentic.