Thursday, February 16, 2017

1965 Willie Mays + finally getting some 2017 Topps

The esteemed Mr. gcrl knocked another huge name off my 1965 Topps needs with this glorious Willie Mays.

The Say Hey Kid also bookends the big boppers on this pair of league leaders.

And gcrl supplied me with my very first in-hand examples of 2017 Topps. Some great players here. As I mention at every opportunity (sorry), I'm not really feeling flagship this year (not that I ever rip much of it or try to build the set), so I'll just rely on the kindness of traders to hook me up with guys I collect. So these are very appreciated.

Thanks a lot, Jim!
Still a few more cards from him left to show off tomorrow.


  1. too many giants on these cards. i preferred yesterday's post. in all seriousness, thanks for the trades! glad to be able to reciprocate and get you closer to completing the '65 set!

  2. Damn. The Giants had three of the Top 5 home run leaders in 1964? And McCovey wasn't even one of them? That's insane.

  3. Congrats on the Mays! I've always wanted the '65, but for now, I'm settling with owning the '68, which uses the same exact photo. Still a great card, but the '68 burlaps can't hold a candle to the '65 design.

  4. Ditto the burlap. P-tooey! Great hook-up with gcrl!