Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My first time opening a pretty girls box

This month's box of cards from my Black Friday stockpile happens to be the first "cards of beautiful women" product I've opened. I've got a little "Girlie Card" minicollection of attractive ladies on cardboard but those were all from trades or purchases, nothing I pulled myself aside from maybe a random card from A&G or something.

I figured I'd line up this box break with Valentine's Day, since amore is in the air.. and there's nothing quite as romantic as ogling scantily-clad young women who aren't your wife, right?
Er, maybe I didn't fully think this through. LOL

(Per my usual disclaimer with these types of posts: I'm incredibly lucky to have an amazing wife whom I love the hell out of. I have nothing but the utmost respect for women. I'm big on women's rights, and have no doubt that the world would be a better place with less men in charge. I also happen to have a healthy appreciation for attractive ladies, which would be dishonest for me to deny, and that interest has spilled over into my card collection.)

Anyways, this box seemed like a good deal for just the price of a blaster.

This seems to be something of a "repack" type thing from Benchwarmer, clearing out some older inventory. In the box, you get a random hobby box from a previously-released Benchwarmer product, plus a special silver foil pack of 7 good cards.

I ripped open the silver pack first.

Ha, kiss cards are kinda funny. Sherry Goggin and Shay Lyn seem to do a lot of athletic-type modeling. I wasn't familiar with Kerri Kasem, but figured she might be related to radio legend Casey Kasem, and yep, turns out that's her dad.

Speaking of famous last names, Nikki Ziering is somebody I actually already knew of. She was married to Ian Ziering from Beverly Hills, 90210 and the Sharknado film series. Nikki has been in Playboy and a few reality shows, and I seem to remember her being a frequent guest on the Howard Stern show back in the day.

The dual auto is kinda cool. That's not the easiest font to read, but I think this pair is AJ and Laura.

Yowza! My silver pack finished strong with a couple knock-outs. Kara Monaco isn't a name I was familiar with, but she looks super cute. Turns out she was 2006 Playmate of the Year and has since done a little acting and was on Big Brother in 2012.

Cover girl Sara Underwood is looking fine with that ABA basketball. Too bad this card is just a dumb promo.. not an auto or anything interesting.. so it's weak as far as considering it a "hit". But yeah, these 2 cards are definitely both locks for my Girlie Card collection. (The rest of the above autos are available for trade, so just let me know if something caught your eye.)

Now onto the mystery hobby box...

World Cup Soccer. From 2006, I believe. Cool, whatever.

Some of my favorites. Too bad the base cards don't have names on the front.

But the names are on the back, typically along with a "backside" photo, as is usual for Benchwarmer cards. A little bio and/or vitals would have been nice, but oh well.

The Racer Girls inserts are 2 per box. Nice looking cards.

The Jaime Bergman is actually a dupe for me, as I got it in a lot when I bought an auto card of hers back in 2014.

I'm not gonna try building the set, nor do I plan to hang onto cards other than the small stack of my favorites, so I've got a lot of cards headed to my tradeables box, including a dozen or so dupes. Anybody interested in letting me thin out a few of these on you? Let me know!

The hobby box promises one auto. Let's see how I did to wrap things up...

Nice! Not sure who Katarina Van Derham is, but she's very cute, so I'm happy with this auto.

So there you go. Not bad for just under $20.. 7 on-card autos and a bunch of additions to my minicollection of pretty girls. Fun to mix it up a little, but I don't plan to rip much more Benchwarmers product (though I do have another small box also from my Black Friday stockpile scheduled to rip this summer).

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Don't poo-poo the show promo offhand...They tend to be rarer than the autographs. I've never opened any bench warmer cards yet but someday I will.

    1. Yeah, I guess they just remind me of "Sample" cards from the 90s which had thousands printed up and weren't really worth anything.

  2. I'm quite certain I have a thousand or two Bench Warmer cards lying around somewhere. How sweet would that Vault card have been had been a 12/25er.

    1. Yeah, if it was a Christmas Card, it would have been a sweet hit for me. Still, I think she has a weird look on her face.. like she caught me sneaking into her henhouse. haha

  3. Soccer cards never looked so good ;)

  4. First thing: I'm copying your disclaimer to my other blog. Some blogger's daughter got nasty with me because I posted a list of ten "famous" women I like. She didn't want to hear my defense, but it would have sounded almost exactly like yours.

    Second, that is a very nice haul for $20. Some very pretty ladies in there. I've even heard of a few. I think Kara Monaco is my favorite, but Katarina is a close second. Stacy Fuson and Sherry Goggin aren't bad, either.

  5. AN excellent break for just the price of a blaster. I have picked up some Scarlett Keegan Benchwarmer cards and I have considered Sara Underwood.

  6. The Kara Monaco, Sara Underwood and Katarina Van Derham cards are great - all great looking gals. Fun stuff and I always wondered what a break of these cards would look like. Thanks for the fun and great eye candy.