Friday, February 17, 2017

Mr. Cub, Pops, and the gang

Time to wrap up the excellent package from gcrl focusing on help with my 65 Topps setbuild. We've already seen appearances from Koufax and Mays, but the heavy-hitters aren't done yet! Here's a great Ernie Banks card, up around high-numbers territory at card number 510 of 598. Don't see many closeup profile-view photos like this on baseball cards. Sort of reminiscent of those awful embossed inserts from 1965 (which I'm definitely not chasing as part of my set, not to be snarky about it to any of you guys who dig those spooky things).

Man, oh, man, I loves me some Willie Stargell! This was a great one to get. Speaking of strange photos, what's up with that uniform? Some vest action going on?

And a third HOFer to round out the post. While Joe Torre had an excellent playing career, the Hall wants to stress that he's in only for his managing career. If you'll allow me for vent for a second, I think that whole compartmentalizing is bullshit. The questions is should this man be in the Hall of Fame? Yes or no? But the gerrymandering over only considering either MLB career.. or coaching career.. or executive career.. or negro league career. So lame. It disgracefully kept Buck O'Neil out of the Hall until after he died. Similar injustice with keeping out Minnie Minoso and Gil Hodges when you consider their lifetime baseball presence as a whole. Fucking bullshit. The Hall needs to reform that shit.

Of course, ya gotta check out the sweet cartoons on the back.

Thanks to gcrl's help, my 1965 set percentage currently stands at 73⅓. Not bad!

And we'll put a bow on this trade package recap with a very cool Christmas Card RC of one-time Padre standout Seth Smith.

Thanks again, Jim! Pleasure working this out with you as always, and looking forward to our next deal.

Have a great weekend, everybody.


  1. Totally with you on the HOF compartmentalization, preach on Gavin! Also, that has to be one of the most star-packed vintage trade packages I've ever seen...

  2. So, like, gcrl is breaking up his complete 1965 Topps set or what?

    1. Nah, he picked these up for me in return for a big customs project I helped him out with.


    Stargell's vest looks odd because of the white windbreaker he has underneath. The Bucs did vests from 1957 through 1970, going double knit in 1971.

  4. 1965 is such a sweet set! Super jealous your so close to completing it. Have fun with the final 26%. Looks like Jim took care of a lot of the big ticket items.

  5. Pops and Torre are so young here. You're putting together quite a good-looking set, one of Topps' best! Excellent choice!