Friday, May 12, 2017

Still serving a prizm sentence

Here's my box of cards for May, another box of 2014 Prizm Draft. Again, I grabbed a few of these for less than a blaster a piece last Black Friday along with some other boxes, and I scheduled them out over the year for a monthly ripping fix. I'm sure you're all bored of these cards at this point, but let's run through the highlights of this box.

Hey, this might be my best pull from the product so far. Aaron Nola has established himself as a solid major leaguer. The guy signs a lot (seems like Topps in particular has flooded the market with his autos in the past couple years), so it's probably not worth too much, but still a nice card to pull.

Keepin' it 100, as the kids say. This red parallel is an eBay 1/1, to use a term everyone hates. Last one made. Woo.

A couple more autos. I think every other box of this stuff I've opened had 4 autos in it, while this one only had 3. But hey, at least all 3 were colored parallels, so that's cool. And I can appreciate that all 3 of these guys have very respectable looking signatures by today's standards (even if they were all pitchers.. and it's a peeve of mine when all hits in a box are pitchers.) I'm not familiar with these 2 guys, so let's look 'em up...
Wow, Grant Hockin didn't last very long in pro ball. Nine games in rookie league in 2014 seems to be his entire career, according to baseball-reference. Bummer.
Ryan Castellani, on the other hand, is still slinging it. The 21-year-old is currently in AA after a solid 2016 with the Modesto Nuts. Wouldn't be surprising to see him make it up to Coors Field in a couple years.

The colored parallels are always appealing, breaking up the metallic monotony of the base cards. Jhoandro Alfaro is out of the game, looks like. Gilbert Lara hasn't done much, still grinding in the low levels of Milwaukee's system. Kyle Freeland made his MLB debut this season and has been doing well for the Rockies so far. James Norwood has been putting up good numbers in the Cubs' system after converting to a late-innings role. The orange parallels are a tough pull, /60.

And finally, some regular refractors (or Prizm Prizms, if you prefer the official name). I don't think any of these guys are all that notable, as far as I know.

So yeah, that was another box. Again, not gonna blow you away, but a fun rip for the price, with 3 or 4 solid cards to show for it. Still hoping to pull a Kyle Schwarber or Trea Turner auto, but I'm running out of these boxes.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. I enjoy many of the colored Prizm cards. Too bad for Grant Hockin. He really does have an old school signature!

  2. Rockies pitching prospects? What dark magic is this?