Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Card Show Coinboxing: Dime Time

Here's "chapter 3" of my card show haul from the weekend, now onto the spoils from the dimebox dig. I ended up with 100 cards for $10.

There were a couple big caches of 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes. I basically just flipped through them quickly looking for parallels. The zip code rainbow foil stamps were originally seeded 1 per box, while the state gold stamps came 5 per box. Some dudes I collect here (the Fisk plus the 3 on the lower right), plus some trade fodder (let me know if you need any of these).

I would then turn over the stacks of Hometown Heroes and flip through trying to find any pesky SP high numbers... only I wasn't exactly sure where they started. At #300, I thought? No, I think it was lower than that. I was thinking maybe the Fergie (#258) was high enough to be a short-print, but no.. In highsight of looking it up online, the SPs run from #261 through #300. Oh well, maybe I'll remember that the next time I'm in that situation. Fergie's a PC guy for me, so no harm done there. Accidentally grabbed an extra Griffey.. anybody need one? The Upton Sportdisc is also up for grabs.

I haven't messed with 2014 Panini Golden Age much, so I had fun picking out the equivalent of a loaded pack or two with cards that caught my eye. Dig the Evel Knievel playing card.

The recent Panini products continue, now onto 2019 Diamond Kings. Don't think I've busted any of this yet, so again, this was a nice opportunity to curate a couple packs-worth of cards catered to my collecting interests. Man, I really hope Larry Walker is able to make it into the HOF (announcement due after I'm writing this, but probably before the post is published). UPDATE: YESSSSS!!!! So happy Walker made it! I was stressing out over that way more than I should have.

Here's some 2018 Ginter.. players I collect plus that cryptocurrency card which was going for crazy prices for a while shortly after this set came out (which I still believe can be attributed to dumb guys wanting to get in on the cryptocurrency train, but they didn't really get that whole thing, so they settled for buying a "cryptocurrency rookie card" as if that'll end up being worth a lot someday)-- looks like the card is rightly down to selling for about a buck now.. or a dime if you're lucky as I was.

Now we're to the point where I was running out of time to take pictures this morning before work and so just scattered the rest for a quick shot. Shiny Monte Irvin reprint, perhaps the first non-Star Wars card of Daisy Ridley in my collection, diecut Darvish, Krush fishfractor, and some other stuff that caught my eye.

And finally some potential trade fodder. The Tristar prospects on the right are all #'d /50.. meaning as a sucker for serial-numbered cards, I just couldn't pass them up for 10 cents each, even though these guys are all out of the game now without ever cracking the majors.. but maybe a team collector would want them (might have to research which organization these minor league teams correspond to) ..but yeah, let me know if you want any of them.

That wraps up my card show purchases for this month, though the day's haul also included ~1500 cards gifted to me by Rod that had a bunch of great surprises among them, but that'll have to wait for a future post, as I'm still sorting through it all. I also got a very impressive Zippy Zapping to show off at some point, plus a nice bubble mailer from John Miller, and a few neat eBay pickups I need to find time to post about soon.

Oh, speaking of packages.. heads up that most USPS postage rates for packages are increasing a bit on January 26th, so if you've got any packages you've been procrastinating on mailing out, you might want to put them in the mail by the end of the week, or expect to pay a little more starting next week. (Stamps are staying at 55 cents, so this year's price update doesn't effect PWEs.)


  1. Here a dime there a dime, everywhere a dime dime dime dime.

  2. Ty Cobb Baseball's All-Time Greats for the win! Great finds all the way around!

  3. Hometown Heroes parallels and inserts for an FDR? Yes, please!

  4. Those Hometown Heroes for a dime were a solid find. I would have been all over those... and that cool Alabama Bart Starr.

  5. Lots of great snags for the cost!