Saturday, January 18, 2020

Card Show Coinboxing

I pulled off a coinboxing trifecta at the card show today. First I dug through a nickelbox, then I spent some time at a quarterbox, before finally wrapping up my day at a dimebox. (If only there was an elusive pennybox I could have run the table on mainstream US coin currency.) I also got handed a reusable grocery bag full of cards from my bud Rod. So no high-dollar pickups, but still a very productive day at the card show.


Pacific Legends are great for getting cheap cards of old-timers.

Cards from some 80s sets I intend to complete one of these days.

More dudes I collect or otherwise caught my eye.

And some cards that'll likely get filed away in the for-trade boxes. Anybody want to call dibs on the Mark Grace Broder pair?

With the bulk discount, this purchase was $2 for 50 cards.

- - --o


I'm a sucker for serial-numbered cards, especially when they're cheap and of guys I collect.

I don't have a lot of Pacific in my PCs, so don't mind snagging some when I see them cheap.

I bit on some 2014 Topps High Tek. McGriff and Eck at the top are both /99 while the others are unnumbered.

Not a whole lot in the way of vintage today, though I did score a pair of buybacks someone might need, plus a Hostess and some off-condition 50s stuff, some of which may end up with Bo.

Shield your eyes from all the shiny!

I passed up a lot of Altuve cards that I likely would have added to my stack a week ago. But as it is with my shifting opinion of him, only this one (2015 Topps Update Series - Retail Throwback Variation) made the cut.

A little surprised to find a 90s Finest refractor in a quarter box. I don't collect Conine, but couldn't leave it there.

The Baines up top is a 1st Day parallel or something.

I love these things.. what with the shiny and acetate windows.

More Padres pickups.

More dudes I collect.

The above are all Rookie Cup Reprints from 2005 Topps, I believe.

And a decent stack of trade fodder.

This quarterbox purchase ended up running me an even $20 for 117 cards.. working out to 17¢ per.

Well, this post is pretty long, so I think I'll save the dimebox haul for a future post. Thanks for reading and I hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend.


  1. Great Haul. My card show is tomorrow

  2. I spy Larkin and Tettleton in that trade pile! You did incredibly well here, and I have to say most of those cards had no right to be in boxes that cheap. I love seeing people get deals like this at shows, so well done!

  3. This is the stuff!! Sweet deals for .25! Altuve takes up a most of a 3000 count box. I'm holding on to hope he wasn't involved. I told a friend long ago, if he was caught cheating "I am done with new players." I expected any heartbreak to be steroids if anything. Never this.

  4. That may be a reprint but my god the name font on that Jim Rice '76 "tribute" isn't even CLOSE to being correct.

  5. Geez! You got a TON of good stuff! Refractors, serial numbered, vintage, buybacks... I wish I could have parked myself in front of those bins.

  6. Tino Amazing Greats! Cleacuts are awesome.

  7. Congrats on the trifecta! Love those Pacific Legends cards.

  8. Nice nickel and quarter finds! The Ultra Pizzazz subset is really neat. Looks like a dog got a hold of the '57 Small.

    Looking forward to reading about your dime box finds.

  9. Those quarter cards are awesome! A 1996 Finest Bronze Refractor of Alomar for 17¢? What seller does this? Congratulations on the haul.

  10. Great haul & nice work pulling off the coin trifecta! Think my favorite of the post is that minor league Billy Beane though. Don't even think I've seen a minor league card of him till now.

    (Also, I can use those Grace Broders if not already spoken for.)

  11. Nice, another trade! I'll take a look to see what i have for you.

  12. If you are trading those Ex, I may need them. Will have to look at my checklist if you want to pass along the numbers some time. Just contact me on TWitter if they are available. Nice Conine snag I think!