Saturday, January 11, 2020

post-holiday event cards from Kerry, Bob, Tom, & Doug

Here's a trade roundup for some cards traders have sent my way to combat the post-holiday comedown blues.

This first part is a box from Kerry from Cards of Cards. We briefly met up the Friday after Christmas for a quick in-person swap.

Juan Soto bubblegumfractor! (as I call shiny pink cards)

More Soto goodness. This kid is pretty talented. Dig the fancy Topps website exclusive thing!

Setbuild needs!

Serial-numbered Padres!

More Padre cards!

Big boost to the Yelich PC!

Nice bunch o' Betts!

Snell! Snell!

Jose Ramirez in the house!

This Chapman lot sure is a piper!

Boston Bean-eaters!

More stars of today, including a Yelich I missed in the earlier photo.

Kerry is parting with Vlad Jr cards?! Is that even legal?!

Fan Favorites and fan favorites.

Kerry is a basketball guy and isn't afraid to show it. Some neat Duncan and Dirk cards here.

And a half dozen Damian Lillard cards. Excellent in deed!

Thanks a lot, Kerry! Incredible stuff. I'll continue keeping an eye out for cards for you.

-  -  -  - --o

This next part is a friendly PWE from Bob of the Bestest Bubble.

Needed both these HOF beauties for sets I'm working on.

And a 12/25 auto! Sweet! Looks like this John Murphy was a senior at University Of Maryland in 2019 and went undrafted, but he'll always have a place in my Christmas Cards minicollection.

Thank you, Bob! I'll have to find something to send back your way soon.

-  - - -----o

Now here's a thick surprise PWE from P-Town Tom from P-Town Tom's Awesome Blog.

Ooh! Tom's going OLD SCHOOL! Love to see it! The 1970 Topps needs got me past the 2/5 mark there, while the '75s bring me to exactly 85% complete with that set; 99 cards left to go.

And a 74 and a 1990 Donruss Yaz puzzle piece need. Of note is this is the first one of these in my setbuild that doesn't have the decimals before the piece numbers. Yeah, most of the pieces are like ".12  .11  .10" .. it's weird. I won't differentiate them in my set, but just more funky variations of 90D.

Thank you, Tom! I will send you something back soon, but I'll be sure to make it count because I know you've been trying to dissuade people from sending you "cards for the sake of cards". Or if you needed a custom cranked out or something, let me know.

-------    -o

The surprises continue with a PWE from north of the border. I'm talkin' 'bout Douglas from Sportscards From the 99¢ Store.

Impressive young Padres including a Tatis RC. Nice!

A pair of gorgeous ladies of wrestling. Hubba hubba!

And a hockey card and a football card.

Oh hey, that football card is numbered 12/25 like how I like! Awesome!

Thank you, Doug! I think I'm low on cards you could use, but I hope to round up a return for you before long.

Thanks again to all these kind traders, and thanks to you for reading!


  1. Boston Beaneaters were NL (ie: Braves). Lots great cards in there

    1. I just mean that they play(ed) in Boston and I was making an assumption that each of those men had eaten beans at one point in their respective lives. Didn't mean the official ballclub name. I won't back down from that stance! LOL

  2. I love how you grouped the Fan Favorites with the fan favorites. Only true collectors would get that one.
    I had no idea there are puzzle pieces with decimals in front. That '90 set has so many stinking variations.
    No, no, no... please don't send anything back. Just happy some of the old vintage commons I was gifted can make someone else's day.

  3. That is an impressive haul you got from Kerry