Friday, January 31, 2020

Zapped Into Submission

The first couple months of the year always seem to be the busiest for me. While I pride myself in being good about keeping up with all the card blogs I follow, over the past couple weeks I've fallen way behind and any hopes of "catching up" are fading. Breaks my heart, but I may need to accept the fact that there will be posts from my favorite blogs that I'll never have a chance read. (only half-joking)
It might be a few more weeks till I'm able to get back into the "read all new posts" groove.

Posting my own stuff has taken a hit as well, and I'm getting a backlog of cards I want to post about. But hey, I took a sick day today, so I've got a few moments to show off a hell of a zapping from Zippy I got earlier in the month. He's been narrowing his collection lately and he knows I'm a receptive dumping ground for pretty much any cards he wants to purge. This Priority Mail flat-rate box included a bunch of great keepers for me.

My lil Joey Votto PC got a nice boost thanks to these early Bowman Chrome refractors. Those two cards ain't cheap! And I was also super stoked about the Asian black parallel of Rhys Hoskins' first Bowman card.

Love these Asian imports!

I didn't really mess with new cards much last year (and don't plan to in 2020 either), so I appreciate when I can add some dudes I collect and the year's notable rookies. The rainbow foil Lucroy can wiggle into my collection thanks to the Matt Chapman cameo.

Here are a couple guys whose careers each looked promising before they came back down to earth.
Aw, I kid Bryce lumping him together with The Maasinator. The guy has 219 home runs and he's only 27.
UPDATE: Oh crap, I didn't even realize at first that the 2014 Heritage card in the lower right is an Action Image Variation (pricey card). Whoo!

I've mentioned someday might wanting to try building a 2015 Bowman/C/D parallel franketset (along the lines of my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset), so I love to stockpile these snazzy cards when I can.

Look at Zippy going old school! That '82 Taveras goes straight to my "Bender Binder" minicollection of trippy printing errors. This is my 7th card earmarked for that project.. just 2 more and I'll be finally able to complete a page.
The '73 Corrales was actually a slight upgrade over the one in my set. I've gotten a ton of great cards from the ol' Zipper over the years, but vintage set fillers is a new trick for him.

Highlights of some 2019 Panini USA/draft cards included in the boxxxx. Pretty sure these are the first cards in my collection of overall #1 Adley Rutschman and the Padres' #1 pick CJ Abrams. Sweet!

Some more cool stuff. And that-all was just about half of the baseball cards included. But there was also a ton of non-baseball...

Not too much football in the box, but some really nice cards among the few. Mahomes and Garoppolo! Facing off in the Super Bowl tomorrow (er, Sunday, I mean). I almost forgot it was this weekend, honestly. Seems the sports news has been mostly Kobe and the Astros. But anyways, I'm not sure if I'll catch the game but I'll be rooting for Mahomes to have a great game.

Luka! I think that's my first card of my close and personal friend whom I hang out with. Solid little stack of basketball cards.

A bunch of hockey, too. I don't know squat about hockey, but I was able to find 3 guys I know of, plus a pair of hits.

Turns out we weren't done with baseball yet. Holy geez! I was under the impression Zippy had already handed down his Arod collection to me a few months ago, but looks like that was only the tip of the iceberg. There's a relic in there somewhere, too. By quantity, he might be my #1 PC now, with only Tony Gwynn challenging for the top spot. Crazy! I don't even like Arod that much, lol.
I recently saw a guy on Twitter was looking to trade for all Arod cards (even ones he already has), so one of these days I should sort out my PC and ship the dupes off to him. One dupe I'd keep though would be the Stadium Lights card.. I want all glow-in-the-dark cards (even ones I already has [sic]).

Turns out we weren't done with football yet. Panini stickers. I like the shiny ones.

Some fun non-sport stuff including a Barb rookie card.

Nice selection of Star Wars cards. By the way, yeah, I need to refinish my coffee table one of these days. Please forgive the scuffs n' whatnot.

Oh dang! MORE Arod! These are the smaller-than-a-normal-card things from the box.

Zippy was generous enough to pick me up a '19 Brooklyn Cyclones team set last season because it has Gavin Garay in it. New guy named Gavin for my collection! Right on! I've kept it sealed so far, but I might give into temptation and free Gavin before long.
Here we also see a few pocket schedules and (not pictured) a couple programs.

That just about brings us to the end.

HEADS UP, the last picture of the post coming up is semi-NSFW, so you might want to stop reading now if you don't want to see any sexy girlie cards on your screen.






Oh my! Many lovely ladies here. Some of these were actually sealed packs that I had the pleasure of opening. ...Sorry, that sounds dirty. I'm especially crushing on Nana Ayano, featured in the top few cards here. Super cute!

HUGE THANKS, Zippy! So many awesome cards in that box. I'm very grateful to be a lucky person you choose to dump cards on!

I sent him back just 2 cards since I know he's on a strict, low-card diet. But I think I made the two pack a punch, at least.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Super Bowl weekend!


  1. "I know he's on a strict, low-card diet." Ha! That's a great line!

  2. "(V)intage set fillers is a new trick for him"

    More like a rarely used one, the last time I did it was when I gave out T206es like candy.

  3. I'm going through a zapping I got as well! Kenny is the man.

  4. So much good stuff here.. those Vottos are awesome. So much A-Rod!

  5. The Votto rookie refractor, Barb rookie card, and Japanese cheerleaders are fantastic! Great stuff.