Monday, November 25, 2013

Out of the Park: Delino Deshields 1997 Pinnacle

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to witness is among the greatest achievements in the world of professional baseball card blogging.

I follow a couple bloggers who collect cards that feature action photos of double plays being turned. Every time I see one of these cards there is a desire inside of me. A desire that has called out to me so loudly, time and time again, too loudly for me to block out any longer.






Finally, I have given in to the desire and created such an image.


Have you let it sunk in? Go on, watch for a couple more cycles.

I worked on putting this together for a couple hours, but I was giggling the whole time, so it hardly feels like work.

If this amused you, please leave a comment and it'll motivate me to make more of these and turn Out of the Park into a reoccurring featuring here at Baseball Card Breakdown.

Also, feel free to suggest other cards that would make good subjects for future editions of Out of the Park.

Thank you.


  1. You know you're just making it impossible to out-do yourself, right? (Of course, I thought that about six brilliant gifs ago, too.) Thanks for making this one of the most enjoyable stops on the card bloggin' tour! (Mega bonus points for making it an artful Dodger...)

  2. I've got a couple cards in mind, but they're more like second-base collisions than double-play turns. Doubt that would work.

    1. Really any card where a player is airborne and most/all of his body is pictured would work. Guys diving into home would probably work great, as well.

  3. Eat your heart out Monty Python...

  4. fantastic. i agree with gca - very gilliam-esque. just need to have delino and blauser stomped by an animated foot at the end.

  5. Awesome! I'm so glad that I don't have the talent or knowledge to do this, because I'd probably end up sitting around making these all day long. Truly amazing!

  6. Oh my! You made me laugh so much! You did a terrific job with that animation!

  7. It's rare that a GIF makes me laugh out loud, but you got me! I was going to say it reminded me of Terry Gilliam's animations, but a couple of people have beaten me to that.