Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bumgarner vs Puig custom

I just can't help myself.

I had a template already made from the Odor/Bautista brawl, so it was easy to tweak it for the recent tussle between Madison Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig. I got into some hot water with the first one due to the photo. This time I just used a video image grab instead.

Not my greatest custom card ever, but kind of amusing!

If you'd like to trade for a copy, take a look at my wantlist and get in touch. Thanks!


  1. Hmmm, I didn't hear anything about this confrontation - I feel like that would have been quite the brawl if it got to that point. At least it made for an excellent custom!

  2. I see you took my idea, but didn't use the glorious caption: DON'T LOOK AT ME!

    1. Ha, I actually whipped it up before that (late last night). I can make a DON'T LOOK AT ME! parallel just for you, though.

  3. dude, i love this. i've been searching like crazy for a card like this for a game I've been working on. any way to get one even if i don't have a card on your wish list?