Sunday, September 4, 2016

Overlay Voyage (sumpin' brand new for dat ass)

Once again, I have dressed up a few recent autograph pickups with custom overlays that I find more interesting than the original cards.

My first Stephen Strasburg auto! I mainly collect him due to his San Diego State ties, so it was a no-brainer to transform this boring 2014 Prizm auto into a SDSU card. 1985 Donruss seemed like a good choice, matching the red & black school colors.

Here it is without the overlay.

Next up.. Coolio!

The story behind picking up this card is a weekend or two ago I had a couple drinks and watched this amusing Pete Davidson clip and decided to see if Coolio had any cheap auto cards out there. Sure enough, a couple days later I was the high bidder on this 2013 Leaf Pop Century card for $2.80.

Coolio was pretty huge in the mid 90s. To be honest, I've never really liked the song "Gangsta's Paradise", his biggest hit, preferring the Weird Al version if I had to pick. But I love a few of his other songs like "Fantastic Voyage", "I Remember", "Geto Highlights", and "C U When U Get There" to name a few.

Boom! For lack of a better idea, I just did another 1985 Donruss style overlay. When this photo of Coolio in an Angels jersey popped up, I figured that'd be a good choice to use on a baseball card. It was taken in November 2002, with Anaheim fresh off their World Series win. Jersey #22 was David Eckstein, so that's pretty cool.

Last one for today, Padres All-Time Home Run King, Nate Colbert..

Sadly, this is the only real certified auto Colbert has out there. He's not even on it! Just a picture of his bat. Lame. I already had one of these cards in my Colbert PC, but threw another cheap one into my latest COMC order with the intention of spicing it up with an overlay.

That's better! I didn't do much design-wise here, just found a cool photo I hadn't seen before. The nameplate is actually from a photo of a game-used bat.

So yeah, I'm very happy with these overlays and definitely think they're an improvement over the raw cards.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I like the 85 Donruss design overlays, especially Collios'

  2. Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise is one of the better pieces of social commentary on how bad things were for black communities in the 90's mainstream media has ever produced in my opinion. The fact that some of those things still apply saddens me.

  3. Cool overlays. My hobby OCD wouldn't allow me to do anything to an original but what you did to yours looks much better than the original

    1. Thanks. I should mention again that I'm not actually doing anything to the original card.. it's still the same, just with another piece of paper in the penny sleeve with it, not affixed or anything.

  4. Awesome customs! Topps really needs to go out and have Colbert sign for their fan favorites set.