Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Current Padre pickups from COMC

Well, it's yet another lost year for the Padres. At this point, I'm almost happy with a daily loss.. just tank it and get a good draft pick next year, right? In spite of it all, I'm still a Padres fan till the day I'm in the cold, cold ground, and so in my latest COMC order I picked up a few cards of "notable" current Friars which I'd like to show off to you today.

This might be the highlight of my modest Wil Myers PC now. A cool looking translucent auto. Just look at all those squiggles!

And it's a Christmas Card!!! Wil had a very nice 1st half, then I guess participating in the Home Run Derby fucked up his swing or something, and he's been scuffling since. Oh well. Let's hope he comes back strong next year. He's the best marquee dude we've got.

And some more Myers cards. Me and Shane love those Bowman bubblefractors..  They got a nice look to them, and at /99, they're scare enough but without being prohibitively pricey. The middle card is a thick-ass (TOO thick, if you ask me) Five Star auto that features a "good" auto by Wil Myers standards (more squiggles). The Bowman Sterling card on the right is an example of a typical "bad" Wil Myers auto (few squiggles), and a stickergraph, but it was the cheapest auto of his on COMC so I snatched it up.

Here are a couple young guys whom the future success of the Padres might depend on: Travis Jankowski and Austin Hedges. Those Leaf Crusade cards sure are pretty.. I'd love to pick up a real (1998 Donruss) one sometime.

And the rest!

Adam Rosales has been a handy utility guy for the Padres this year.

Luis Perdomo kinda came out of nowhere to be San Diego's de facto ace. But APPARENTLY THIS IS A CARD OF A DIFFERENT GUY NAMED LUIS PERDOMO WHO ALSO HAPPENED TO PITCH FOR THE PADRES A FEW YEARS AGO. D'oh! That was a waste of a few bucks. I guess I'll just feign ignorance and pretend that this is an auto of the current Padres hurler. *grumble*

Pat Kivlehan has gotten into just 5 games for the Padres this year, But, well, he had a timely hit at some point that inspired me to grab this inexpensive Onyx auto. Nice looking cards with the on-card gold ink on black card. Let's hope he turns out to be the next Mike Trout, shall we.

And finally, Alex Dickerson has shown some impressive power when he gets ahold of one, occasionally taking it deeeep. His numbers ain't great overall, but San Diego hopes this local So Cal boy (Poway, CA) can develop into a dangerous force in the heart of the order. This cheap on-card auto sounded good to me.

There you go.. desperate pickups from a diehard Padres fan. Maybe one of these years they'll win it all.

You know, in all honesty, it's probably better for me that they don't. If they ever did win the World Series, I'd be compelled to supercollect every last dude on the 40-man roster that year for the rest of my life. That could be costly. LOL

Keep on rockin', fellas!


  1. I fell in love with Wil Myers so quickly this season, and now it seems like the honeymoon is over, he has been SO bad in the second half. Still love Austin Hedges tho, need to score one of his autos soon.

    1. I still need to add an autograph of both of these guys. Just waiting for Myers values to drop a little more. As for Hedges... I wondering if I already missed the boat on him.

  2. I feel like my 3 year could replicate the wilco Myers signature