Saturday, September 24, 2016

September Card Show Haul

Very rewarding card show today! I had kinda been getting in a rut of spending all, or nearly all, of my time at the table space of my usual guy, Bill. This time, I mixed it up and bypassed his bins completely.

Also notable is that I bumped into a couple people I know while at the show. First Rod from the Padrographs blog said hi for a moment and apologized that he didn't think to bring any cards for me. A little later, a former co-worker of mine happened to be passing through the mall with her family and we chatted briefly before her youngins dragged her off. This might not be a big deal to you more social guys out there, but it's a rare occurance for me to run into people I know.

Anyways, back to the cards. Here's a nice overview photo of my haul. A couple boxes to rip, and some good progress on vintage sets I'm working on.. but that stuff will have to wait for another day to write about, and today I'll just try to cover the rest. I will say that lots of cards were from nickel boxes, ranging up to a couple cards from a 75¢ box. Only two big ones from 1971 Topps were over that.. the last two "big money" cards I needed from the set (but again, I'll do a separate post for my vintage setbuilds once I get my spreadsheets updated).

Cubs tradebait is in high demand for me thanks to a bunch of Cubbie collectors I've been trading with lately. Nothing too amazing here, but the slabbed Grace RC and the OPC Tommy Davis are kinda cool. Speak up if you want any of these.

Some cheap Griffeys, including a bunch of Pepsi cards. SCC, do you need any of these?

Vintage tradebait. Love that Dick Allen.. I need to check if that's an upgrade for me or not.

A bunch of nice vintage keepers for me. Minoso! Pepitone! D. Williams! B. Williams! Perez! Gamble! Tiant!

More tradebait. The Doc and Keith are #'d /1000 on the back.

More keepers for me, with a bunch of shiny 89UD-style cards and some gold. Lots of Fred McGriff here.

More cards. Sorry some of these photos aren't great. I will buy any/all 90UD Marquis Grissom for a quarter or less.. this one was 15¢. That Matt Harvey card in the lower left confuses me.. it's a 2016 reprint with a buyback stamp?

Picked up a few cheap football cards that caught my eye.

Even a basketball card.. love those colorful wave refractor type things.

And the rest. I think the Chris Speier is an upgrade for my 73 set. That gloriously miscut Walter Johnson will probably end up with Jedi Jeff. The Pirates auto will likely go to Matt Scott.

That's gonna do it for today. Thanks for swinging by.


  1. The Matt Harvey card is from Wal-Mart in the 2016 Topps Series Two Celebrating 65 Years Insert set. The card should be numbered 65-2012.

  2. Hey! I actually need all of those except the Fleer 91 if they are available. Just drop me an email and let me know what you are looking for :)

    1. I have never seen those Pepsi cards either. The collectors choice is Def a need and up my alley anyways

  3. I can use those Cubbies and the Dick Allen. Also that '90 Fleer Griffey Sports Card Collectors didn't want. I'll draw someone on the back of it & maybe give it away in a contest I'm gonna hold sometime before the end of the year or something.

  4. I liked that Allen a lot when I found it at a card show a couple years ago. Good stuff overall. The Fouts card brings back memories and looking forward to that Hometown Heroes box break.

  5. I'm interested in the OPC vintage, and the trophy cup vinatge, and the griffey blue cards.

    BTW, putting something together for you.

  6. Great haul. Hitting a show tomorrow

  7. Great stuff! I miss going to card shows on a regular basis.

  8. I see a Tony Conigliaro '64 T in there...

    Looks like you put a dent into the '64 set with that pile, looking forward to see if you picked up any stars in that group.

  9. FYI that '91 Fleer Griffey is the rarer-than-average box bottom cut out.

  10. Great cards. The McCutcheon and Glavine are great looking card. I go to my annual show in St. Louis next month and can't wait. It is has been a year and I always enjoy getting to shop the shows. Thanks for the post.

  11. I'm interested in that Mark Grace graded rookie card. What are you looking for in trade for it?