Friday, September 9, 2016

Combined shipping autos FTW (and no football for me again this year)

Here are some recent eBay pickups.

When I found out there was another widely-available (inexpensive) Jerry Coleman auto out there that I didn't have, I set a search for one with a low opening bid. A couple weeks later this one popped up and I ended up winning for just $6.39 plus shipping. Gotta love the Colonel, second only to Tony Gwynn in the hearts of Padres fans. I picked up an original '52 Jerry Coleman back in May 2014 (wow, has it been that long already?), and this tweaked certified auto version is a nice complement.

Before paying, I took a look at the sellers other's auctions and ended up winning this card too...

My first Starling Marte auto. He's quietly having another very strong year, making the All-Star team and batting over .300 for the first time. These Topps Tek cards always look nice, and as long as it's not a low numbered parallel, they're usually affordable. Landed this base auto for just $3.25 plus 50¢ additional shipping.

Just another photo of it, showing off the acetate-ness of it in the window.

This next card I picked up along with the Coolio auto I showed off a few days ago. For just 99¢ and no extra shipping, I added this to my order...

I'm sure you guys are sick of everytime I post a football card, I go on a mini rant about how I don't care about football anymore. The only snaps I'll watch this year will be if I'm out somewhere and they happen to have a game on. Maybe if there are really interesting playoff match-ups, I'll actually put a game on voluntarily. If the Chargers PR nightmare of nearly moving the franchise to Los Angeles wasn't bad enough, then there was the ugly ordeal of trying to sign their first draft pick, Joey Bosa. They eventually agreed to terms, but both sides came out looking like assholes. So while of course I still hope San Diego surprises everybody and wins the Super Bowl for once, it'd be stretching it to really call myself a fan anymore.

Despite my animosity with the Chargers these days, I still have some sentimental fuzzies for the teams of the 90s and 00s back when I gave a damn. And so picking up a Darren Sproles stickergraph for just a lousy buck was an easy choice. He couldn't quite fill the shoes of the great LaDainian Tomlinson, but he had some exciting moments for the Bolts. I honestly had no idea before just now checking his Wikipedia entry, but apparently he's still active, currently with the Eagles. Good for him! Hopefully for his sake he retires soon, though.. Football is bad for you!

Unlike the previous cards, this next one was actually bought a few months ago, but I never got around to posting it here and since I'm talking about old Chargers guys I remember rooting for back in the day, here's this..

Shawne Merriman was a heck of a football player. His legacy took a hit with PED fingering, but hey, it's the NFL, that shit should be expected, right? I picked up this card while on my kick of going after xfractor autos.. they're just so cool looking! He had some great years with the Chargers. Then a couple meh years with the Bills, then called it quits before his 30th birthday. Good for him! Hopefully his brain isn't too damaged.

One last football card for today and long as I'm cleaning out football card pickups from the past couple months..

Ain't nobody better say nothing bad about Mr. Tomlinson! He's one of the all-time greatests. Good guy off the field, too. This 2016 Donruss Elite parallel breaks the post's theme of autographed cards, but it's the numbering on the back that called me to it..

Yep, my second LaDainian Christmas Card! (Could have sworn I posted the first one on the blog before, an auto, but I can't seem to find that post now.)

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.


  1. That Coleman auto is great, I have a few Red Sox autos from that release. One of the few good things from that Topps Lineage set...

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  3. I like autographs as much as the next guy but I think the're may be an influx.

  4. Great pickups. Nice Sproles card. I feel like one of not many bloggers who does care a lot about football, by far more than baseball lol. It used to be equal in the 90's early 2000's back when the Yanks had their core 4, back when Griffey was playing, back to when the Yanks and Sox exchanged fists and wins/losses. Now baseball doesn't feel the same to me and football grew on me more and more (not that it wasn't already big time on me. I even played for 5 years)