Friday, November 9, 2018

A half-priced blaster of 2018 Update

I had another one of those grocery store coupons for "$10 off when you spend $40." This past weekend I bought about $25 of groceries and grabbed a blaster to take me into the savings threshold, effectively giving me half off the blaster. I debated over which box to get for a few minutes. I was hoping to find the new Stranger Things cards, but no dice. On the shelf were a couple Archives, one Heritage High Number, three Ginter, a couple Fire, four Big League Baseball, and three Update blasters. I ultimately decided to grab the only product of the bunch I haven't ripped any of yet this year: ol' "Series Three", also known as Topps Update.

Let's see what it's got for me.

These were probably my best pulls: Mookie Betts gold parallel (/2018) and a Hank Aaron SP. Nice.

A couple Padres and rookies.

Some inserts. Looks like the Xander is a black parallel, and a tough pull despite not being numbered. The Don't Blink Tim Raines is kinda cool.. but makes me wish it was a "3D" lenticular card. The Postseason Preeminence cards are neat enough, though probably more plentiful than anyone needs.

Some more cards. Sorry the photos in this post are a little blurry. I took them at work (it's been a slow work week) and I guess the lighting wasn't great.

A few more PC guys for me.

The cards in the above photo are available for trade.

And finally, my promised hit-like-thing, a manufactured "patch" mentioning Jackie Robinson and featuring Cody Bellinger. Hey, he's a dude I kinda collect, so I'm happy with it. And it works well with the concept since he's a Dodger and plus you can see his 42 jersey number in the photo.

So that was a decent box, especially if you consider it was half price.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend, everybody.


  1. In the stack of trade bait, is there any Indians cards? I am missing a couple for my Indians team set from Update.

  2. I like that Topps used a picture of Bellinger with a 42 jersey on. I feel this something they may not have done a few years back... maybe they're putting more effort into things these days?
    The Raines card is pretty sweet looking, but you're right... would have been a killer of a card if it was lenticular.

    1. Yeah, sometimes for their Jackie Robinson tributes, the 42 isn't visible in the photo and it feels like it negates the whole point of the card.

      As for lenticular cards, Topps used to throw them in Opening Day, but nothing in recent years besides, I think, an online-only product. Would like to see them in the mix again.

  3. Not bad. Funny we both found Mookie Gold!

  4. Congratulations on pulling the Aaron SP. Cool card.

  5. Love the picture on that Aaron card. Very nice pull!!!