Friday, November 2, 2018

Allen & Goodwin

Here's a white whale of mine I've been after for a few years now. 2009 Goodwin Champions Dick Allen autograph. After a couple narrow misses in past years, this one is now mine! Love the badass look on his face and orange sunset backdrop.. such a cool pic. And it's even a little extra neato by being inscribed with his jersey number, a variation I wasn't even aware existed until this popped up at a good price-- cheaper than the both I missed out on in the past-- and I sprinted to the Buy-It-Now button. It's not like Richie/Dick Allen autos are super hard to come by, but this particular card, though unnumbered, just seems to be really scare. Very happy to finally secure it.

Thank you for congratulating me, Upper Deck! I will enjoy my autographed card!

Glad to snag this one and finally delete the saved search for it.

Allen's been a favorite of mine ever since I got his auto in person as a kid back in the early 90s. I narrowly missed out on another Allen whale of mine recently-- his '69 Transogram ended a bit more than I wanted to pay.. but maybe someday. Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good about the state of my Dick Allen PC these days. And this auto is a great finishing touch.

Thanks for clicking on my post. Have a great weekend, everybody.


  1. Congratulations. I like that there are athletes who will take a lit extra time to not only have a sweet signature but toss in an inscription.

  2. Glad you were able to finally knock this one off. I hope to experience the white whale knock off some day.

  3. Awesome card! It took me years to add his signature to my collection. I truly wish Archives would add him to their current run of Fan Favorites autographs.

  4. Awesome card Gavin, congrats on landing that at last.