Thursday, November 8, 2018

That 70s Trade Post

After posting about my intentions of working on a run of 70s Topps flagship a few weeks ago, I got a few friendly folks getting in touch with me about helping out.

I recently completed a trade with generous reader Gmixo Greg, who helped make strides in my efforts with mid/late 70s Topps.

1975 Topps needs! Reggie sighting!

1976 Topps needs! What a great smile on that Griffey!

Many 1977 Topps needs!

Nice starter lot of 1979 Topps! Probably about time for me to sort out what I've got and make a wantlist soon.

Some bonus hockey PC guys, too! Gretzky and Messier.

Big thanks for the trade, Greg! Much appreciated!

-  -  - --o

Here's a quick PWE trade, just my second-ever trade done thru TCDB.. but funny enough, I didn't give up any cards on my For Trade/Sale list there, as user BucCollector was interested in a few of the surplus customs I posted about a little while back. I was happy to swap them for a few '77 needs highlighted by a pair of HOFers. (Looks like I've got an extra Niekro for the PC, as I got that card from Greg too.)

Thanks, David!


Last for today is my second Twitter trade with Heavy J. I found some set needs for him in exchange for a lot of '78s.

Solid bunch of cards here!

Contest win! I also happened to win a little Twitter giveaway he ran around the same time, and the prize was several off-condition vintage star cards. Between PCs and setbuilds in the works, I'll be able to put the vast majority of these to good use.

Some nice non-baseball cards too! That's my first Wonder Bread card. Heck, my first 90210 card, too.

But the trade really got legit when he told me he had a card on my "Desperate Double Dozen - Wishful Thinking" wantlist that was available...

Warren Spahn! To seal the deal, he commissioned me to whip up a custom to go with one of his display pieces.

Great to check off another HOFer from my '57 Topps needs. A minor crease, but overall in very nice shape.

Big thanks, Jason! Great stuff.

And thanks again to Greg and David.

Played hooky today and got in a nice little hike with the pooch on a cold but sunny autumn day.


  1. Nice 57 Spahn! With traders like these you'll have that set run done in no time. I remember seeing 90210 cards quite often back in the show's heyday. Jennie Garth was a fave of mine for a few years. Nice little throw-in there!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, making good progress. It's '70 and '72 that'll really stop me in my tracks, but the mid/late 70s shouldn't be too tough. And yes, Jennie was always the highlight of 90210. (my old zip growing up was 92019, so it's hard for me to not type that. LOL)

  2. Annie is a pretty one! The 70s are my decade. What a smattering of beautiful cardboard! I've often wondered why Topps didn't go with a red, white & blue theme in 76. It would've been thinking outside the box in those days, I guess. They should give that a try now...

    1. Ha, now that you mention it, seems like that would have been an obvious choice for '76 Topps.

  3. Your dog looks like one happy camper. Glad you got a chance to get some fresh air. I could really use a mental health day myself.

    P.S. Jennie Garth was a hottie back in the day. Are you interested in collecting 90210 cards? I might have some singles (maybe stickers) laying around.

  4. Yep, Annie had a fun day. Plus my wife is working from home Friday, so it's basically like a 4-day weekend for her.

    I'm always down to add attractive ladies on cardboard to my "Girlie Cards" minicollection, though not specifically going after a 90210 set or anything.

  5. Happy to help you out with those '70s sets, Gavin! Thanks for the customs, etc. in return.

  6. Looking forward to trading with you again!