Saturday, November 24, 2018

(What's The Story) Black Friday?

Here's the entirety of my 2018 Black Friday shopping. It's not quite enough to stretch out over 12 months, but I'll work it out somehow.

Now that I've taken care of #1, it's time to worry about shopping for my loved ones. But that's no problem.. I just give them all each an Oasis greatest hits CD every year.

Year after year, you can't beat those jams!

Another major Black Friday score for me was getting in on Wes's epic Area 40/Xmas Xtravaganza group break giveaway...

Hop your ass on over if you haven't yet. This will surely go down in history the most legendary free break in the history of the carsphere. Wes is my wonderwall and his supersonic awesomeness will no doubt cause this event to erupt in a champagne supernova in the sky which will live forever in the memory of cardbloggers everywhere.

I got a little greedy with not only asking for my Padres, but filling out the 5 allotted picks with the Cubs, Pirates, Astros, and a non-sport spot (specifically eyeing Star Wars and Benchwarmers). I'm hoping for some PC-hits (Rod Beck? Brian Giles? Ken Caminiti? etc) but don't look back in anger, as I'll be sure to pass along any non-PC hits to my trader buddies who might appreciate them.

As far as cards I got in-hand on Black Friday, well the lone piece of mail that arrived was a nice trade package from reader Joseph C. who was interested in some customs from me. Not only did he have some sweet cards up my alley to offer, but he won me over by declaring my musical taste as "impeccable" (which I might be putting to the test with all the Oasis references in this post).

Joe gets points right off the bat for this very amusing packaging job.

Gavin Sheets auto! I've got 2 or 3 unlicensed Sheets autos, but this is my first fully legit auto from the White Sox top Gavinized prospect.

My Francisco Mejia PC has been growing nicely lately. Some good ones here. I believe that's my first 2018 "Topps Holiday" card at the end, and a metallic snowflake parallel at that.

A pair of sweet holograms from the early 90s. Thinking about it, it's a bummer no card companies have put out any hologram sportscards in years. Did the technology just dry up?

Another new Tatis Jr card.. much appreciated! High hopes for this dude.

And we close with a pair of 2018 Dave Winfield cards, with a foily Fire and a pseudo blank-backed Donruss.

Very nice. Thanks, Joe! This was Definitely Maybe one of the best Black Friday card packages I've ever received.


  1. I hope your beat scores come from my break!!

  2. Dude! I thought my Black Friday purchases were all wrapped up until I saw what you grabbed. I ended up copying you and picking up some 2015 Strata and 2008 Bowman Chrome. Outside of a few cards I have targeted on eBay... I'm pretty much finished buying cards for myself until after the new year.

  3. Looks like some great deals. Should be fun to bust open. Some nice cards as well including the Crime Dog! Good Stuff.