Saturday, January 26, 2019

Al Kaline 2005 Topps Retired auto

Today I'm finishing off a trio of one-card posts featuring Topps Retired pickups, this time with the legendary Al Kaline.

This is the first autograph of Mr. Tiger for my collection. Simple headshot with his solid signature.

Heck of a career.

Continuing on yesterday's post noting the hologram sticker on the back. The '03 cards such as that Reggie have better placement, whereas the '05 cards cover up vitals. Not the best design choice there, but what can you do.

Maybe someday I'll complete the run of Topps Retired autos if I keep picking them up here and there over the next couple decades. Here's where I'm at:

2003 Retired: 
35.83% complete
77 cards remaining

2004 Retired:
COMPLETE! (still trying to upgrade 16 base autos to refractor autos)

2005 Retired:
33.91% complete
76 cards remaining

It's funny that I'm over a third of the way done with both '03 and '05 now, yet I still have as many cards to chase from each year as the entire auto checklist was in '04.

But looks like I've narrowly passed 50% complete overall (158/311). Wow.. sweet! Definitely a long-term goal, but I sure enjoy snagging these cards when I see them pop up at decent prices.


  1. Kaline still has a nice sig. He gets a lot of practice though since he is included in a lot of product. Sweet set of cards you're building!

  2. First Reggie. Now Kaline. Jealous of both. Awesome stuff.