Monday, January 21, 2019

Another 2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box

I got suckered into another 2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box for the price of a blaster last Black Friday, same as back in 2017. Let's see if I got anything good this time.

Welp, this Alfonso Soriano xfractor was probably the highlight. Shiny.

Some guys I collect.

A couple prospects who actually managed to have decent MLB careers.

And finally, some other semi-notable cards. Yunesky Sanchez (/500 refractor) never made the majors, but is still active in Mexico. Aubrey Huff (/150 blue refractor) cranked 242 dingdongs over his 13-year MLB career. Danny Rams (my one promised auto) topped out at AA. These are available for trade, as is the Soriano.

So yeah, this box wasn't good. Oh well.


  1. Dimebox Nick collects Huff. Too bad you didn't get a bit more from the box.

  2. That Soriano was probably worth a tad at some point, you just got this box in the wrong decade, that's all :)

  3. I bought four boxes of this stuff (after reading your post). Didn't pull anything too outrageous... but I wasn't completely disappointed. Been meaning to write up my results... but haven't had the time. Maybe I'll publish it this weekend.