Monday, January 21, 2019


I do not own these, I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate Angela Lansbury.

A lawless street couldn't scare me away from the lovely Mz. Lansbury.

Call the cops! My heart has been stolen for the last time!

The 80s called. They want Angela Lansbury back. They'll have to fight every other decade for her because they all want her! She's a treasure!

She could stop a moose in its tracks. And probably has!

This photograph was illegal to look at until the late 60s. The US Government strictly enforced this law, with each copy of the photo known in existence being assigned military personnel.

I'll see her in my dreams.

Someone's going out for a night on the town!

I'm jealous of Fred here getting a personalized photo from her. I'd like to think they both were into The Doors in the 70s. If I could interview Mz. Lansbury, my first question would be if she liked The Doors, and my follow-up would be which of their songs are her favorite.

This concludes today's Angela Lansbury appreciation post. Angela Lansbury rules!


  1. Murder she wrote. And now she's a thief too. What is this world coming too. Next thing you know people will be spending more time looking at digital devices than they do real live people.

  2. I don't get the Doors reference? other than that cool auto'd photos.

  3. She was such a looker. Wow. But run. Run far away. Did you not see her in Murder She Wrote? Everywhere she went people died! Something about her. Great photos and fun post.. She is beautiful.

  4. I recently watched Gaslight, her first feature film. I didn't like her character, not until the very end. Good acting does that. Not necessarily a favorite but her version of "We Need a Little Christmas" is the best. Live on, Angela!

  5. I can't look at young Angela without seeing old Angela, unfortunately. When it was rumored that she was going to be on Game of Thrones, I told a millennial co-worker who was a huge Game of Thrones fan. She had no idea who Angela Lansbury was.

  6. Never once bother to think Angela was attractive... but in that 6th photo she's gorgeous.