Sunday, January 6, 2019

the changing of the wallet card and my favorite card of 2018

It was a privilege having this UD Masterpieces card as my Wallet Card for 2018. Heck, the wear might make it look even better! It could almost pass for pre-war! LOL. It was a well-traveled card, too, achieving my dream of dipping a wallet card in both Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The "before" photo from a year ago.

Other than that, I didn't take many wallet card photos in 2018. I'll have to try to whip it out a bit more often this year.

I wasn't alone, as I don't think anybody else has been posting wallet card photos much these days besides Bo keeping the fire.

Honestly I had nearly forgotten to swap out wallet cards until seeing a post on January 1st on Completely Arbitrary that reminded me. I scrambled and decided on keeping the Gwynn streak going, this year his 1991 Topps card. Perhaps one of these years I'll go with a different player, but 2019 is not that year.

Welcome to my wallet, '91 Topps Tony. Let's hope it's a good year for us!

 - - --o

I guess my personal "favorite card of the year" for 2018 (for P-town Tom's contest) has to be the Travis Taijeron 2018 Topps Chrome Update superfractor auto I landed a couple months ago. Really took my minicollection of guys who went to my high school to the next level.

Feels like a cop-out picking "my most expensive 2018 card" as my favorite.. like, I should have picked a Stadium Club card with cool photo or something, but I didn't have one that really jumped out at me this year (though some of the other favs I've seen on the blogs are pretty neat.)

I also recently picked up the /25 orange parallel of the Taijeron (not 12/25, sadly). My rainbow is now only missing the base auto (patiently waiting to grab one for $5 shipped or less), the /5 red parallel, the /5 red wave parallel, and all printing plates (haven't seen any of the four anywhere yet, though they're supposedly out there).

Looks like Taijeron is currently a free agent. I hope somebody signs him and gives him another shot in the bigs this upcoming season.


  1. Taijeron looked like he was going to get a chance to play every day with the Mets in '17, then the Mets went out and got Nori Aoki. I never understood why they didn't just see what Taijeron had; it's not as though the Mets had a chance of getting back in the race that year anyway.

  2. I have been meaning to do a post on my wallet card. I still have the original from the first year being carried around.

  3. Great stuff!! I still have my Oscar Gamble in my wallet. Don’t pull it out at all but I know it’s there.

    Have a great year!

  4. I'm still rocking the original wallet card, but kind of wish I did it yearly.

  5. Wow, superfractor mojo! Nice, Gavin!

  6. 91T is a nice choice. My 86T Gwynn is forced to spend one more year in my wallet. Too lazy to swap it out... and it hasn't had the pleasure of being dipped in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Maybe I'll put mine out and let it chill in a Las Vegas sand trap this summer... then take it up to Portand and soak up some Oregon rain.

  7. Looking at #WalletCard on twitter, there are still a few people who don't have blogs who post walletcard photos. For me, it's just a chance to incorporate something else I'm interested in. It's one of those "it's my blog, I'll post it because I like it, even if nobody else cares" things.