Sunday, July 21, 2019

Ginter? I hardly know 'er!

I was gonna try to hold off buying any 2019 product until Archives, but caved and picked up a blaster of 2019 Alan & Gyntur (sic) at the grocery store while shopping yesterday.

Side note, I've noticed they've started including "anti-theft" tags like these on some of the card boxes on the shelf. That's cool, I guess, but..
- This doesn't help prevent pack-searching (or the rising phenomenon where an asshole buys a box of cards, takes it home, replaces the contents with junkwax cards, then returns the box to the store for a refund).
- In a busy store, they usually don't even bother stopping people when the alarm sounds at the exit.
- There are usually these sticker chip things inside the box anyways.

So it's kind of pointless, but whatever.

Onto the cards!

A few inserts of guys I collect.

Some active dudes I collect.

Retired greats.

The minis treated me well, with this trio of guys I collect highlighted by Mr. Trout.

And my other minis. The monkey infant is pretty cute. These are available for trade. The bottom pair are A&G backs.

Some non baseball. The shuttle card is pretty neat, though seems a little out of place. Post Malone gets my vote for worst card of the pack. I try to keep an open mind on music, but... yuck. And for the Fallon guy, turns out he's from the band The Gaslight Anthem, whom I think are ok, though I often confuse them with a band I like better called Streetlight Manifesto. I guess it's the "something-light" in the name that throws me.

A few more inserts. Also up for trade.

And arguably saving the best for last, I pulled a hit!...

And it's a guy I collect: Didi Gregorius.. Sweet! Though it's a boring plain grey swatch, the card design presents it in an interesting way.. like an eclipse. And hey, I pulled it on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. How poetic!

So that was actually a pretty solid blaster for me! Pulled a hit of a guy I collect, and a bunch more cards for my collection, not to mention some fresh trade bait. Can't complain about that!
Thanks for reading.


  1. Congrats on the Didi. I have a strange fascination with King Arthur that I blame the Disney animated Sword in the Stone for. Overall, nice box.

  2. When Post Malone's airplane almost crashed either last year or earlier this year (it all blurs together when you just don't care) it flew over my house when making the turn to get to the emergency landing. I actually snapped a picture of it, because...well, I saw an airplane, what more reason do I need? It's not a car but it's still a vehicle.

    I just saw on Twitter that the History of Flight set forms a large panel when placed side to side. I am planning to pick up a set of them at some point, when the newness of A&G wears off.

  3. I'm not usually an A&G fan but the space shuttle card is fantastic!

  4. I'd love the monkey and the language mini.

  5. I didn’t know Post Malone was a person rather than a group.

  6. Nice hit and good pull overall. Like the set so far and it is nice seeing them posted. A few there I'll chase. Good post.

  7. Congratulations on pulling a jersey card of a PC guy. That's always a plus.

  8. Yay, another Streetlight fan! They're fantastic!

    I'm also liking the look of Ginter more and more this year. Feels like it went back to it's roots (soft paint-spot frame, more 1887 and less hard art deco border, etc). I might just have to pick some up.