Tuesday, July 16, 2019

these cards that have shown up

Last week my mailbox smiled upon me with a package from John Miller and a PWE from Sport Card Collectors at Parts Of My Past. Oh, and a late addition from Matt at Diamond Jesters will get shown off in this post, too.

When I saw SCC received this Rickey oddball in a big lot of various cards from somebody, I figured it probably wasn't a long-term fit in his collection, so I let him know I'd be interested in it.. and lucky me, here it is! It's from 1990 Topps Top Active Career Batting Leaders. These are unicorns in that they're overproduction era cards that are actually tough to find and worth a few bucks each. I don't know much about this set or how it was distributed, but I can tell you there are 22 cards in the set, and if you go trying to track them down, it'll quickly become clear just how tricky they are to dig up. This batting cage shot of Rickey looks awesome, with a green border really helping A's cards pop. And howbout that fat cup trophy logo? Love it! The edges might be a little rough, but I'm thrilled to add this to the Rickey PC.

Pretty simple back, but cool enough.

UPDATE: Thanks to Rod tipping me off that these came in special Kmart rack packs, similar to below...


SCC has been responsible for building up my Tim Duncan PC a lot in the past year or two, and here are 4 more.

Plus a shiny Tony Parker to round out the surprise envelope.

Thanks, SCC! Very cool. I've already shot a return your way.

-    -  - ---o

So, the other week I had a little baseball card breakdown of my own trying to deal with the big list of requested customs John Miller hit me with a while back. You know I love hooking my trader buddies up with customs, but this list was starting to feel overwhelming. I've been working on it for months and am only about halfway through. It's so daunting that I simply haven't been making many customs lately. And other buddies have customs they've asked me to make, but they are buried in the queue. So anyways, I drunkenly bitched about this to John and he told me to take my time and kindly offered to send over some more cardboard motivation.

Sorry for the blurry photo, but this is a great lot of 1972 Topps. A bunch of needs and upgrades for me here... including my first 2 high numbers from the nasty 6th Series! This lot blasts me past the midway point, all the way up to 53.33% complete.

Big thanks, John! Sorry for freaking out on you like that. I'll keep at it and hope to finish your list in a few more months.

[UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the package arrived with a USPS sticker saying it arrived unsealed. Hopefully there weren't more cards in there originally that didn't show up. There were 2 team bags, with cards in order, but starting at #127, which seems suspicious that there wouldn't be more low numbers. So perhaps there was another team bag with the cards under #127 that got lost? That'd be a bummer!]

-   -  - --o

Next are some cards from Matt K.'s "Time Travel Trading" project. It's a cool idea, though looks like he's been seeing dwindling interest in it. I checked the available cards against my vintage wantlists and found several I needed, then narrowed them down to a PWE's worth.

Did I say '72 Topps was 53.33% complete? Make that 53.46% now! lol
Plus 3 needs for my 1970 setbuild, which is tiptoeing along, still less than 10% finished.

And more needs from the super 70s, as well. Nice selection of names here.

Thanks for the trade, Matt! I need to round up some correspondingly-older cards for these, and hope to put them in the mail very soon.

Oh, and I just got a huge box of cards from P-town Tom, but that'll have to wait for another post. The list of people I owe cards to is now up to a baker's dozen (including the winners of my latest contest that was a month ago), and I don't feel good about that. I really gotta get off my ass and send out some return cards soon. Sorry, guys.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. looks like there are 22 cards in that top active career batting leaders set from 1990. looks like they might have been inserts in special KMart rack packs. There are some for sale on the ebay.

  2. Thanks for the trade! I'm glad I could help you inch closer to that 1972 set!

  3. Have to chime in regarding those Batting Leaders cards. As you said, they are tough to find, especially the red 1989s. Don't have that Henerson yet, I'm jealous.

  4. That Tony Parker is a nice one! I'd expect to see that on Jon or Billy's blog, it's a nice surprise to see shiny Prizm parallels here.

    Now I'm curious about that custom project John Miller is requesting. Is it a large set, or just a very specific request? I know you whipped up 9 cards for me in a week or two, so I can only imagine why this is so daunting.

    Since you've got so many packages to send out I'll un-burden you from one(or two). I don't feel that my damaged relics are worthy of a return, at least not an immediate one. [also, one of the winners of your contest only hops on the blogs for free stuff. he's done it to at least three others, myself included. i bet he doesn't even comment on your blog otherwise. and that's my drunken rant, lol]

  5. Ha, it's cool.
    Most of John's requested customs are for his "same name" binder (athletes/celebrities who share similar names) and a few other random cards that never were. I previewed a few back in February here.

  6. I've never seen the Henderson. Really cool card, although the blue batting gloves look sort of creepy.

  7. I love the Time Travel Trading. I think half the cards you got there had come from me.

  8. Lots of cool vintage... but the Henderson has my full attention. I only checked COMC, but these are hella pricey. I'm crossing my fingers that I already own the Gwynn. If not... I guess I won't be adding that card to my collection any time soon.

  9. Glad you enjoyed!Should be posting yours next week and for some reason I misplaced the Flair cards you claimed. If i find them I will send those out to. I replaced those with Duncans for this round

  10. Sweet find with that Rickey! I had no idea about the 1990 Topps Top Active Career Batting Leaders until I put the Mattingly and Brett I grabbed from dimeboxes into Trading Card Database and sold them within a day for stupid money.

  11. There are Willie McGee and Pedro Guerrero cards in that Batting Leaders set in both years, and I only heard of their existence in the past year or two. I don't look forward to spending a lot money on cards from my high school years.

  12. Love that Rickey, Once again, another unknown (to me) 1990 Topps odd ball.And yes, there were more cards that escaped that ripped open bubble mailer. I'm pretty sure I wiped out most of the cards you either needed or wanted upgraded below #127. So, I'll have to see what I can scrounge up in that range, not sure they'll be in as good as shape if I do have more. We'll see.