Tuesday, August 13, 2019

more card show pickups

You wanna see some more card show pickups?! You got em!
It's mostly oddballs and vintage in this post.

Did somebody say oddballs?
That Ted Williams is a cool card, though I haven't been able to find out more info on it. Then a pair of similar Frank Robinson cards. Rollie rockin' the brown & gold. Luke Appling card convention card. And a Nolan Ryan card convention card (that doesn't actually picture Nolan Ryan) might be my best pickup of the show according to COMC prices, as it's currently listed at the yuletide price of $12.25. (All the cards in this post ran me under 50¢ a pop... well, most of them were actually under 25¢.)

Some oddball reprints. F. Robby making another appearance.. another card convention exclusive.

HOYT! Hope I needed one or two of these.

Oddballs a poppin! Can you identify these badboys on sight? Mothers? Broders? Other?

Answer key. Mickey Brantley isn't a guy I collect, but an old school Broders card that even has Rob Broder credited on the back seemed kinda cool.

Some trade fodder. Who wants 'em?

Harry and the Hendersons (not pictured: Harry). Dave Henderson is among my favorite "common" guys to collect. Always seems to be having fun.

Some vintage sets I'm working on. The '57 is pretty beat, but for a quarter, figured it'd be a fine spot filler.

A little more vintage, including the infamous "bat boy" card from '69, a poor condition '58, an off-center '59, a Richard Pole, and a Pete Broberg which seems to be signed.

Cut long ago from boxes of food.

A few big names from '80s Fleer. Hope to finish these sets someday, but I have a long way to go.

Scooped up some old football cards, highlighted by guys who went on to play Hunter and Sloth.

Also grabbed some vintage basketball.
For what it's worth, I also got a couple hockey cards (Cam Neely, same year in both Topps and OPC) which didn't save for some reason when I took a pic.

But the biggest stack of cards I got at the show was a few dozen '72 Topps cards. These take me up to 56.6% complete with the set. At the show, I checked my list and was sure to only set aside cards I needed (plus the Dock Ellis, which was a dupe for the PC), but sadly when I went to update my list later, turns out there were a few I already had. I must've grabbed a "reject" pile somewhere along the line when I was adding to my stack.. D'oh! Hopefully I didn't put back a corresponding "need" pile by mistake. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes.

That closes out my haul from the August card show. I've got a COMC shipment on the way, so the cards'll keep on comin'.


  1. It's a Brooklyn Superbas sighting! Not something you run across on the web everyday.

  2. Cool cards. The Moses, Rickey and Ozzie Newsome cards really stood out to me. Fun post and pick ups.

  3. That first scan showing trade fodder, I want them all. Even the non Braves.

  4. Oh man....I just sent another stack of 72's yesterday. tried to get those that "fell out" the last time back to you. all #s less than 124.

  5. Dryer used to be a solid TTM signer, don't know of he still is. I have that same card with his scribbles on it.

    JT, The Writer's Journey

  6. Oh man, didn't grab them in time. I would have taken that top row in the first scan of trade fodder

  7. Nice cards. I like that Bowman Spahn reprint.

  8. You got some amazing cards there. Especially that Munson! Here is info on the Ted Williams card https://www.tradingcarddb.com/ViewCard.cfm/sid/71437/cid/5148238/1980-Superstars-23-Ted-Williams

  9. Tons of nice vintage here. Love the 69T bat boy card... and the Hostess Munson. The All-Time Padres Fingers card is cool too. Might need to grab a set to see what other Padres made the checklist.